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Titles about religious or spiritual belief, or biblical history.


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16782 The two lambs, an allegorical history. By the author of Margaret Whyte &c. First American Edition. Cameron , Lucy Lyttelton
1816 First American Edition.
16783 The two lambs. An allegorical history. By the author of Margaret Whyte, &c. Second American Edition. Cameron , Lucy Lyttelton
Pomroy & Hedge (Windsor)
1816 Second American Edition.
16785 The two lambs. An allegorical history. By the author of Margaret Whyte, &c. Second Newbury Port Edition. Cameron , Lucy Lyttelton
1817 Second Newbury Port Edition.
16786 The two lambs. An allegorical history. By the author of Margaret Whyte, &c. Third Newburyport Edition. Cameron , Lucy Lyttelton
W. & J. Gilman (Newburyport)
1818 Third Newburyport Edition.
18783 The valley of tears: or, Bear ye one another's burthens. A vision. With a frontispiece. More , Hannah
Benjamin Johnson [31 Market Street] (Philadelphia)
17837 The warning. Recommended to the serious attention of all Christians, and lovers of their country. Heyrick , Elizabeth
14760 The watchman’s answer to the question, What of the night? A sermon preached to the society which supported the Wednesday’s evening lecture in Great Eastcheap, December 27, 1750. By John Gill. Gill , John
25854 The whigs unmask'd: or, the history of the Calf's-Head-Club farther expos'd; In a full account of the rise and progress of that impious society, since their horrid rebellion in forty-one. With all the treasonable ballads, sung by the villanous Whigs, as anthems, on the xxxth of January. Much enlarg'd, by an impartial account of all the plots and conspiracies form'd by the low-church faction, against the Queen and present ministry. With animadversions in prose and verse. Adorn'd with curious cuts, by the best hands. To which are added, several characters by that most ingenious poet, Sir John Denham. And the hellish mysteries of the old republicans, set forth in vindication of King Charles the First, by Mr. Samuel Butler, author of Hudthras. The ninth edition. Ward , Edward
1714 The ninth edition.
14574 The whole duty of man, laid down in a plain and familiar way, for the use of all, but especially the meanest reader. Divided into XVII chapters. One whereof being read every Lord's-Day, the whole may be read over thrice in the year. Necessary for all families. With private devotions for several occasions. Allestree , Richard
14575 The whole heart; or, Unexceptionable obedience to the divine laws. Adapted to Christians of all names and capacities. A plain convincing reason may possibly operate upon the mind both of a learned and ignorant hearer, as long as they live; and will edify a thousand times more, than the art of wetting the handkerchiefs of a whole congregation, if you were sure to attain it. Letter to a young gentleman lately entered into holy orders. Barton , Richard
11093 The Works of Hannah More, In Four Volumes: Including Several Pieces Never Before Published. More , Hannah
Daniel Graisberry (II) [Back Lane] (Dublin)
5918 The world unmask'd; or, the philosopher the greatest cheat; in twenty-four dialogues. A new edition. Translated from the French. Huber , Marie
5059 The worship of God, in spirit and in truth: or, a short and easy method of prayer, suited to every capacity; with two letters upon the same subject. By Madam Guion. To which is added, Two letters, concerning a life truly Christian; And a Discourse upon the universal Love and Goodness of God to Mankind, in and through Jesus Christ. Extracted from Two late Authors. Guyon , Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte
T. Mills (London)
21853 The Young Communicant's Catechism, or, A help both short and plain for instructing and preparing the young, to make a right approach unto the Lord's Table. With a proposal for public renewing of the baptismal covenant. By Mr. John Willison, Minister of the Gospel in Dundee. First American Edition. Willison , John
1803 First American Edition.
18272 The young misses' magazine: containing dialogues between a governess and several young ladies of quality, her scholars. In which each lady is made to speak according to her particular genius, temper, and inclination: their several faults are pointed out, and the easy way to mend them, as well as to think, speak, and act properly; no less care being taken to form their hearts to goodness, than to enlighten their understandings with useful knowledge. A short and clear abridgment is also given of sacred and profane history, and some lessons in geography. The useful is blended throughout with the agreeable; the whole being interspersed with proper reflections and moral tales. Translated from the French of Mad. Le. Prince de Beaumont. Two volumes in one. Leprince de Beaumont , Jeanne-Marie
Samuel Campbell and Son (New York)
2701 The younger brother or, the sufferings of Saint Andre. By Madame Genlis. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité
24938 Thirty sermons preached on several occasions. By Edward Waple, B. D. Late Vicar of St. Sepulchres, and Archdeacon of Taunton Waple , Edward
Rebecca Bonwicke (London)
William Freeman (London)
Timothy Goodwin (London)
John Walthoe I (London)
Matthew Wotton (London)
Samuel Manship (London)
John Nicholson (London)
Richard Parker (Cornhill)
Benjamin Tooke I (London)
Ralph Smith III (London)
21726 Thornton Abbey: a series of letters on religious subjects. Satchel , John
Jacob Johnson & Benjamin Warner (Philadelphia)
4334 Thoughts on the importance of the manners of the great to general society. Eight [sic] edition. More , Hannah
Thomas Cadell [London] (London)
1790 Eight [sic] edition.
4364 Thoughts on the importance of the manners of the great to general society. Second edition, with additions. More , Hannah
Thomas Cadell [London] (London)
1788 Second edition, with additions.
4212 Thoughts on the importance of the manners of the great to general society. The fourth edition. More , Hannah
1788 The fourth edition.
4333 Thoughts on the importance of the manners of the great to general society. Third edition. More , Hannah
Thomas Cadell [London] (London)
1788 Third edition.
4353 Thoughts on the importance of the manners of the great to general society. With notes and illustrations. To which is added, an essay on the same subject by Vicesimus Knox. More , Hannah
s.n. [sine nomine]
2127 Three letters on I. The marks of a child of God. II. The Soul-Diseases of God's Children; and their Soul-Remedies. And III. God's Prohibition of his Peoples unbelieving Fear; and his great Promise given for the Support of their Faith, unto their Time-Joy, and Eternal Glory. By one who has tasted that the Lord is gracious. Dutton , Anne
25578 Three letters upon episcopacy; Publish'd in the weekly miscellany. Occasion'd by the Old Whig, or Consistent Protestant, who has lately attack'd the order. Unknown ,
Henry Woodfall II (London)