Name Poetry Dramatic

Composition, elegy, epistle, or canto in verse, often emotional and recited. Works in this category are often derived from the genre designation on the title page.

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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
12901 Every Lady's Own Valentine Writer, in Prose and Verse. (For 1798.) Containing Humorous Dialogues; Witty Valentines, with Answers; Pleasant Sonnets, on Love, Courtship, Marriage, Beauty, &c. &c. being Entirely Original. Unknown,
J. Roach, Brittania Printing Office [Woburn Court] (London)
1798 1
1727 Jephthah's daughter. A dramatic poem. By Mrs. Ann Wilson. Wilson, Ann
William Flexney [319 Holborn] (London)
1783 1
6199 Mary, Queen of Scots; an historical tragedy, or, dramatic poem. By Mrs. M. Deverell, Gloucestershire. Deverell, Mary
1792 1
5537 Salomme and Eleazer, an oriental dramatic poem. The event supposed to have happened in the time of the primitive Christians. The scenes in Palestine, on the banks of the Jordan. By a lady of Chester. Unknown,
John Poole (Taunton)
175 The Bride of Sicily. A Dramatic Poem, by Harriet Downing. Downing, Harriet
Thomas Hurst, Edward Chance, and Co. (London)
John Sams (London)
1830 1