ID 6680
Name Jacob Tonson I [Strand]
Gender Male
Street Address Shakespeare's Head, in the Strand
City London
Start Date 1710
End Date 1737
Sources British Book Trade Index 70067
Related Firms Jacob Tonson I [Chancery Lane]
Jacob Tonson I [Gray's Inn Gate]
Jacob Tonson III [Strand]
J. T.
Notes Jacob Tonson I, II, and III worked together at this location. Tonson I is Tonson II's uncle, and Tonson III is the son of Tonson II. Tonson I is often referred to as "Jacob Tonson the Elder."


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Etearco. An Opera. As it is Perform'd at the Queen's Theatre in the Hay-Market. Haym , Nicola Francesco (Author)
Publisher Mar-Plot; or, the second part of The busie-body. A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by Her Majesty's servants. Written by Mrs. Susanna Centlivre. Centlivre , Susanna (Author)
Publisher The works of Mr. William Shakespear, in nine volumes: with his life, by N. Rowe Esq; Adorn'd with cuts. To the last volume is prefix'd, I. An essay on the art, rise, and progress of the stage, in Greece, Rome, and England. II. Observations upon the most sublime passages in this author. III. A Glossary, explaining the antiquated words made use of throughout his works. Shakespeare , William (Author)
Rowe , Nicholas (Author)
Sanger , Katherine (Publisher)
Bookseller The analysis of the law: being a scheme, or, abstract, of the several titles and partitions of the law of England, digested into method. By Sir Matthew Hale, Kt. late Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench. The second edition corrected: with the addition of an alphabetical table. Hale , Matthew (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Bookseller The history of the common law of England. Divided into twelve chapters. By Sir Matthew Hale, Kt. late Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench. The second edition corrected. Hale , Matthew (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Publisher Marinda. Poems and Translations Upon Several Occasions. Monck , Mary (Author)
Molesworth , Robert (Editor)
Publisher The compleat sportsman. In three parts. Part I. Containing the nature and various kinds of game, under their several Denominations, with the best Methods of taking the same, by Shooting, Hunting, Dogs, Nets, and otherwise; and the Laws and Statutes made for Preservation of the Game, with Warrants to impower Game-Keepers, &c. Part II. Of the best Situations and Methods of erecting and Management of Parks, Warrens, &c. Of Hunting the Buck, Doe, &c. And a concise Abridgment of the Forest-Laws, and of all the Laws and Statutes relating to Deer: Methodically interspersed with Precedents of Warrants for Deer, &c. Part III. Of fish and fishing; the most successful Methods of Angling; the only proper Baits, Tackle and agreeable Seasons for taking all Sorts of Fish; and the Rivers wherein they are to be found; with the Statutes relating to Fishing, &c. Jacob , Giles (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Publisher The militia law, being all the Acts of Parliament thereof, methodically digested. Shewing under proper heads, and in the full words of the said acts the several powers of the King, Lord Lieutenant, and Deputies, one, two or three, therein: And the Qualifications and Duty of all Persons chargeable, and charged, or otherwise employed in the said Service. Also The Ordinance of the Lords and Commons made in the Year 1660, for raising of 70000 l. per Month, &c. Being out of Print, and containing the Rules and Directions to be observed in raising Trophy Money, and necessary Instructions to the Assessors and Collectors of the said Tax. The whole of great Use to the Honourable Lieutenancies, and to all Landlords, Tenants and others concerned in the Militia, to prevent Abuses in the same. Hardesty , John (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Publisher The justice's law: being a compendious abstract of the most material parts of the acts of Parliament in force, from Magna Charta to this time, wherein justices of the peace have a power of acting. ... Alphabetically done, with a table for that purpose. By H. L'Estrange, ... one of his Majesty's justice's of the peace for the county of Suffolk. Great Britain , (Author)
L'Estrange , Hamon (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Bookseller The law of elections; being an abstract of all the statutes now in force relating to the election of members. To serve in the House of Commons. In three sections, Viz. The Duties, &c. of the Electors, the Elected, and the Officers Returning. The fourth edition, enlarged from the several Acts of Parliament to the end of the sessions 1721. To which are added the Forms of the Oaths relating to Elections. Great Britain , (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Publisher The law of elections; being an abstract of all the statutes, now in force relating to the election of members. To serve in the House of Commons. In three sections, ... The third edition, continued to the end of the last session of this present parliament; to which are added the forms of the oaths, relating to elections. Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Great Britain , (Author)
Publisher The lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq; revised and corrected by the author. Vol. I. Nutt , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Steele , Richard (Author)
Addison , Joseph (Author)

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