ID 1100
Last Name Battam
First Name Anne
Gender Female
Date of Birth
Date of Death 1755
Place of Birth
Place of Death
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Author A collection of scarce and valuable receipts, never before printed, and taken from the manuscripts of divers persons ... To which is added the making several sorts of wines, ... By Anne Battam, ... 1750
Author The lady's assistant in the oeconomy of the table: a collection of scarce and valuable receipts, taken from the manuscripts of divers persons of the most refin'd Taste and greatest Judgment in the Arts of Cookery, Preserving, &c. To which is added, the author's own method of pickling, together with Directions for making several Sorts of Wines, Mead, Sherbet, Punch, &c. after the most approved Manner. Also Directions for Marketing, Instructions for Carving, Bills of Fare for every Month in the Year, &c. Concluding with many excellent Prescriptions, of singular Efficacy in most Distempers incident to the Human Body. Originally published, by the late Mrs. Anne Battam. The second edition, with near one hundred and fifty additional receipts, from several Ladies, never before published. 1759

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