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Gibbes, Phebe. The history of Lady Louisa Stroud, and the Honourable Miss Caroline Stretton. In two volumes. ... Dublin: John Exshaw I [Dame Street], Henry Saunders [Castle Street], James Potts, James Williams [5 Skinner Row], Peter Wilson [Dame St, 1748–66], Samuel Price [Dame Street], 1764.
Gibbes, Phebe. The life and adventures of Mr. Francis Clive. In two volumes. Dublin: James Potts, James Williams [5 Skinner Row], Elizabeth Watts [m. Lynch in 1768], Alexander McCulloh [Henry Street], John Exshaw I [Dame Street], 1764.
Gibbes, Phebe. Elfrida; or, paternal ambition. A novel. In two volumes. By a lady. ... Dublin: James Moore [Dublin], John Halpen (also Halpin) [Henry Street], Luke White [Dame Street], Patrick Byrne I [College Green], Richard Lewis [Capel Street], Charles Brown, 1786.
Gibbes, Phebe. Hartly House, Calcutta. In three volumes. Dublin: William Jones I [Dame Street], 1789.