ID 3950
Last Name Graisberry
First Name Mary
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1797
Date of Death
Place of Birth Dublin
Place of Death
Related Firms Mary Graisberry
Mary Graisberry and Richard Campbell
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Role Title Date
Printer Albina, a Novel. In a series of Letters. 1786
Printer Caroline of Lichtfield; a novel. Translated from the French. By Thomas Holcroft. In two volumes. 1786
Printer Caroline; or, the diversities of fortune : a novel. In two volumes. 1787
Printer An historical review and directory of North America: containing a geographical, political and natural history of the British and other European settlements, the united and the apochryphal states, the general state of the laws, particularly those affecting commerce, foreign and British debts; also, strictures upon Lord Sheffield's Treatise upon American commerce, to which are added, a description of the interior parts of North America, general face of the country, mountains, forest, rivers, and the msot noted towns, cities, seats, and public buildings. A plan of roads, with directions for the use of travellers; and a concise account of the different Indian Nations. A copious index to American state papers. With a great variety of tables necesary to all merchants in their intercourse with North America. In three volumes. By a gentleman immediately returned from a tour of that continent. 1788
Printer A collection of poems, mostly original, by several hands. 1789
Printer Speech of the Right Hon. Henry Grattan, relative to Tythe, in the house of commons, on Friday May 8, 1789, to which is annexed, a bill to appoint commissioners fro the purpose of enquiring into the state of tythes, &c. Also, a manifesto of the parochial clery of munster. 1789
Printer Memoirs of the Countess de Valois de la Motte; containing a complete justification of her conduct, and an explanation of the intrigues and artifices used against her by her enemies relative to the diamond necklace; also, the correspondence between the Queen and the Cardinal de Rohan, and concluding with an address to the king of France, supplicating a re-investigation of that apparently mysterious business. Translated from the French, written by herself. 1790
Publisher Les chevaliers du Cygne, ou la cour de Charlemagne. conte historique et moral pour servir de suite aux veillées du château, et dont tous le traits qui peuvent faire allusion à la révolution Françoise, sont tirés de l'histoire. Par Mde. De Genlis, auteur du théâtre déducation, d'Adèle et Théodore des veillées du château, etc. etc. 1796

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