Name Contributor

A person who contributed to a work in some way. Used when no more specific term was supplied.


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A. C. Advice to youths, to which is added a short sketch, and a warning to scolding wives: written by a young woman in Philadelphia, for the good of such sex
A. C. H., Avis C. Howland). The Boy's book
A. E. A brief account of the religious experience, sickness and death, of the late pious Miss Mary M. Tooker: taken from her own mouth by two female friends, A.E. and P.B. a few weeks before her departure. ; [One line from Psalms
A. G. D. Writings of Mrs. A.G.D. With a sketch of her character
A. G. D. Writings of Mrs. A.G.D. with a sketch of her character. : [Nine lines of verse
A. L., Abby Lee Little Ellen, and other pleasing poetic tales. Cy A.L. of New-port, R.I
A. M. My brother, a poem
A. M. My brother, a poem. [Seven lines of verse
A. M. My mother, a poem
A. M. My brother, a poem. : [Seven lines of verse
A. M. My brother, a poem. : [Seven lines of verse
A. N. A memoir of Miss Hannah Adams, written by herself. ; With additional notices, by a friend
Abbot, Abiel The Seymour family, or, Domestic scenes. [Five lines of prose from Buckminster
Abbot, Priscilla Priscilla Abbot, at her shop, Main-Street, Salem, imports and sells, a general assortment of European & India goods, cheap for cash
Abbott, Jacob Narratives of little Henry and his bearer; the amiable Louisa; and Ann Eliza Williams
Abel, Clarke The Children's miscellany: being a collection of amusing and instructive facts, stories, anecdotes, &c
Abernethy, John A treatise on the diseases of females. By William P. Dewees, M.D. adjunct professor of midwifery in the University of Pennsylvania; member of the American Philosophical Society; of the Royal Medical Society of Denmark, &c. &c
Abrantès, Laure Junot Memoirs of celebrated women of all countries [electronic resource] By Madame Junot. ; With portraits by the most eminent masters
Abrantès, Laure Junot Memoirs of the Duchess d'Abrantès, (Madame Junot.) Complete in one volume
Adams, Abigail Abigail Adams Letters [manuscript 1784-1816
Adams, Catherine Lyman Parlor lectures on Scripture history. By a mother. ; In two volumes Vol. I-[II
Adams, Hannah A dictionary of all religions and religious denominations, Jewish, heathen, Mahometan, and Christian, ancient and modern. : With an appendix, containing a sketch of the present state of the world, as to population, religion, toleration, missions, etc. and the articles in which all Christian denominations agree. By Hannah Adams. ; [One line of Scripture text
Adams, Hannah A memoir of Miss Hannah Adams, written by herself. ; With additional notices, by a friend
Adams, Hannah A view of religions, in two parts. Part I. Containing an alphabetical compendium of the various religious denominations, which have appeared in the world, from the beginning of the Christian era to the present day. Part II. Containing a brief account of the different schemes of religion now embraced among mankind. : The whole collected from the best authors, ancient and modern. By Hannah Adams
Adams, Hannah An abridgement of the history of New-England, for the use of young persons. By Hannah Adams