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Indicates the person running the firm for whom the work was printed. This role is included if the firm is female-run.


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Adams, Hannah An Abridgement of the History of New-England, for the Use of Young Persons. By Hannah Adams.
Adams (Printer), Elizabeth Manchester vindicated: being a compleat collection of the papers lately published in defence of that town, in the Chester Courant.
Aitken, Jane Agricultural memoirs. Just published and for sale by Jane Aitken, no. 71, North Third Street, and most of the booksellers, also at Bernard M'Mahon's seed store, no. 39, South Second Street, Philadelphia; price $2 50, Memoirs of the Agricultural Society of Philadelphia
Amey, Elizabeth An address to the electors of Great Britain. In which the constitution of England is considered and asserted; Particularly, the original Design, Nature, Privileges and, Power of the House of Commons, as opposed to Ministerial Influence and Corruption. The Independancy of Parliaments earnestly recommended, as the only Means to make the Nation happy. By an independant elector.
Amey, Elizabeth Remarks on an appeal to the publick, by Mr. Cleland, against thirteen govenors of the General Hospital at Bath; with respect to their suspending and dismissing him from his Office, as surgeon to the said Hospital, upon the evidence of two notorious prostitutes. And on A Letter to him, (from a Reverend Advocate for the Thirteen Governors) occasioned by his Full Vindication of the said Appeal. To which is added Extracts from the Case of Seduction, relating to a French Abbee's committing Rapes upon 133 Virgins in order to shew the Analogy of the partial Proceedings against Mr. Cleland and the said Abbee.
Amey, Elizabeth An address to the gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of all the Counties in Great Britain, and to the Mayors, Jurats, Bailiffs, Aldermen, Common Councilmen, and Burgesses of all the Cities, Towns-Corporate, and Boroughs throughout the said Kingdom of Great Britain. The following necessary and friendly Advice is humbly offered, by a Cordial Admirer of Truth and Liberty, and a Zealous Friend to this Constitution.
Amey, Elizabeth The life of Adam. Translated from Gio Francisco Loridano. To which is subjoyn'd, An essay towards an analysis of the human mind. Being, An Enquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Good and Evil, and the Nature, Rise, and Progress of the Passions, Habits, and Affections of the Human Soul. By Richard Murray, A. M. & J. U. B.
Amey, Elizabeth A proposal for relief and punishment of vagrants, particularly such as frequent the streets and publick places of resort, within this kingdom.
Angel, Elizabeth Shakespeare Library, Stratford-upon-Avon. Eliz. Angel, (successor to the late Mr. Keating) bookseller, stationer, patent medicine vender, perfumer, &c. Respectfully informs the inhabitants of Stratford and its vicinity, that she has purchased an entirely new and well-selected stock of articles, ... A circulating library, consisting already of nearly three hundred volumes, ... a catalogue is printing. ...
Aplin, John John Walton's religion, proved not to be the religion of Jesus. Or A confutation of sundry errors published by John Walton, gent. in his book entituled, The religion of Jesus vindicated. By John Aplin
Armroyd, George A connected view of the whole internal navigation of the United States; natural and artificial, present and prospective: corrected and improved from the edition of 1826, and much enlarged, from authentic materials, down to the present time. : With a sheet map, and numerous engraved profiles, for the illustration of the subject. : The map has been engraved for the purpose, according to the latest topographical corrections and improvements.--It is projected, on a reduced scale, from Tanner's excellent four sheet map of the United States, recently published. And with various authentic statistical details. By a citizen of the United States
Arnold, Maria Improvement, or, A visit to grandmamma. By Mrs. Henry Bayley.
Arnold, Maria Tales for winter evenings: expressly written and adapted for the instruction and amusement of youthful minds. By a Lady.
Avery, William Piratical barbarity or The female captive. Comprising the particulars of the capture of the English sloop Eiza-Ann, on her passage from St. Johns to Antigua, and the horrid massacre of the unfortunate crew by the pirates, March 12, 1825. And of the unparalleled sufferings of Miss Lucretia Parker, a passenger on board said sloop--who after being retained a prisoner eleven days by the pirates, was miraculously delivered from their cruel hands. : The work is concluded with some well written and interesting moral reflections of Miss Parker, who attributes the preservation of her life and deliverance from captivity, to the interposition of Divine Providence--which renders it a very valuable and interesting work to all moral and serious minded persons, of whatever denomination. : [Two lines of quotation
Bailey, Lydia R. Bailey's Rittenhouse almanac, for the year of our Lord 1809. Being the first after leap-year. Calculated by Abraham Shoemaker, of New-York.
Bailey, Lydia R. Scientific dialogues. Intended for the instruction and entertainment of young people: in which the first principles of natural and experimental philosophy are fully explained Vol. I. Of mechanics and astronomy. : [Four lines from Edgeworth's Practical education] By the Rev. J. Joyce
Bailey, Lydia R. Scientific dialogues. Intended for the instruction and entertainment of young people: in which the first principles of natural and experimental philosophy are fully explained Vol. III. Of optics, magnetism, electricity, and galvanism. : [Four lines from Edgeworth's Practical education] By the Rev. J. Joyce
Bailey, Lydia R. The American quarterly review
Baldwin, Abigail (Ann) Of the original and ends of government : the indispensable duty of magistrates, and power of princes, distinguishing them from tyrants. Together with A Short View of the several Forms of Government, and different Administrations in the Old Testament. To which are added, Some remarkable Instances of God's Severity towards the rebellious Kings of Israel and Judah. AS Also An Account of the Last Resort in Matters of Controversy. And a brief vindication of the rights and liberties of the people.
Baldwin, Abigail (Ann) The Life of the Right Honourable and Right Reverend Dr. Henry Compton Late Lord Bishop of London.
Baldwin, Abigail (Ann) A tale of a tarr. A new ballad.
Baldwin, Abigail (Ann) An account of the proceedings of the Privy Council of Scotland against David Baillie, with Relation to the Plot. Taken from Original Papers and Records.
Baldwin, Mary The Jamiaca gazette
Baldwin, Mary The Weekly Jamaica courant With news foreign and domestick
Barber, Ann Extract from An act, for the relief and protection of American seamen