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Indicates the person running the firm for whom the work was printed. This role is included if the firm is female-run.


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Abbot, Theodore The captivity and sufferings of Mrs. Mary Velnet, who was seven years a slave in Tripoli, three of which she was confined in a dungeon, loaded with irons, and four times put to the most cruel tortures ever invented by man. : To which is added, The lunatic governor. And Adelaide, or The triumph of constancy. A tale
Adams, Charles Chauncey Republican herald
Adams, Hannah An Abridgement of the History of New-England, for the Use of Young Persons. By Hannah Adams.
Adams, James Q. Tonnewonte, or The adopted son of America. A tale, containing scenes from real life, by an American. ; [Eight lines from Goldsmith] ; Two volumes in one. Vol. I[-II
Adams, Lewis The maternal physician; a treatise on the nurture and management of infants, from the birth until two years old. : Being the result of sixteen years' experience in the nursery. : Illustrated by extracts from the most approved medical authors. By an American matron. ; [Six lines of verse from Transillo
Adams, Lewis Thaddeus of Warsaw. By Miss Porter
Adams, Quintin Letters written by a Peruvian princess. From the French
Adams (Printer), Elizabeth Manchester vindicated: being a compleat collection of the papers lately published in defence of that town, in the Chester Courant.
Aitken, Jane Agricultural memoirs. Just published and for sale by Jane Aitken, no. 71, North Third Street, and most of the booksellers, also at Bernard M'Mahon's seed store, no. 39, South Second Street, Philadelphia; price $2 50, Memoirs of the Agricultural Society of Philadelphia
Allinson, David The two lambs. An allegorical history. By the author of Margaret Whyte, &c
Allinson, David Letters on religious subjects, written by divers Friends, deceased. ; First published in London, by John Kendall.--1802
Allinson, David Poems, translated from the French of Madame de La Mothe Guion, by the late William Cowper, Esq. author of The task. ; To which are added some original poems of Mr. Cowper, not inserted in his works
Allinson, David The two lambs, an allegorical history. By the author of Margaret Whyte &c
Amey, Mrs. Memoirs of the life and times, of Sir Thomas Deveil, Knight, one of His Majesty's justices of the peace, For the Counties of Middlesex, Essex, Surry and Hertfordshire, the City and Liberty of Westminster, the Tower of London, and the Liberties thereof, &c.
Andrews, William Coelebs in search of a wife. Comprehending observations on domestic habits and manners, religion and morals. : [Four lines from Milton] : In two volumes. Vol. I[-II
Andrews, William A new system of domestic cookery, formed upon principles of economy, and adapted to the use of private families. By a lady
Andrus, Silas The experienced American housekeeper, or Domestic cookery: formed on principles of economy for the use of private families
Andrus, Silas The experienced American housekeeper, or Domestic cookery: formed on principles of economy for the use of private families
Andrus, Silas The Scottish chiefs: a romance. By Miss Jane Porter, author of Thaddeus of Warsaw, and Remarks on Sidney's aphorisms.
Angel, Elizabeth Shakespeare Library, Stratford-upon-Avon. Eliz. Angel, (successor to the late Mr. Keating) bookseller, stationer, patent medicine vender, perfumer, &c. Respectfully informs the inhabitants of Stratford and its vicinity, that she has purchased an entirely new and well-selected stock of articles, ... A circulating library, consisting already of nearly three hundred volumes, ... a catalogue is printing. ...
Angell, James The Maryland journal, and the Baltimore advertiser
Anners, Henry F. The child's Bible. With plates. By a lady of Cincinnati
Aplin, John John Walton's religion, proved not to be the religion of Jesus. Or A confutation of sundry errors published by John Walton, gent. in his book entituled, The religion of Jesus vindicated. By John Aplin
Arden, Daniel D. Thaddeus of Warsaw. By Miss Porter
Armroyd, George A connected view of the whole internal navigation of the United States; natural and artificial, present and prospective: corrected and improved from the edition of 1826, and much enlarged, from authentic materials, down to the present time. : With a sheet map, and numerous engraved profiles, for the illustration of the subject. : The map has been engraved for the purpose, according to the latest topographical corrections and improvements.--It is projected, on a reduced scale, from Tanner's excellent four sheet map of the United States, recently published. And with various authentic statistical details. By a citizen of the United States