ID 11879
Last Name Baldwin
First Name Abigail (Ann)
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1658
Date of Death 1713
Place of Birth
Place of Death
Related Firms Abigail (Ann) Baldwin [Old Bailey]
Abigail (Ann) Baldwin [Warwick Lane]
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Role Title Date
Contributor A list of the monasterys, nunnerys, and colleges, belonging to the English papists in several popish countrys beyond sea. Published to inform the people of England of the measures taken by the popish party for the reestablishing of popery in these nations. In a letter to a member of Parliament. 1700
Publisher A short review of the controversy between Mr. Boyle, and Dr. Bentley. With suitable reflections upon it. And the Dr's. advantagious character of himself at full length. Recommended to the serious perusal of such as propose to be considered for their fairness, modesty, and good temper in writing. 1701
Publisher A pindaric ode dedicated to the lasting memory of the most illustrious and pious King William III. the most renowned monarch of Great-Britain, &c. as it relates unto the occasion of his famous expedition into England, his excellent reign, his illustrious character, and his most lamented death. And likewise unto his most virtuous and pious successor, Queen Anne. 1702
Bookseller The catechism or, Brief instruction in the faith and order of the gospel. For the Church of Christ, under the pastoral care of Joseph Jacob, a Servant of Christ Crucify'd. 1702
Publisher An account of the proceedings of the Privy Council of Scotland against David Baillie, with Relation to the Plot. Taken from Original Papers and Records. 1704
Bookseller The cabinet-news, or, The private intelligence. 1705
Publisher A letter from South Carolina; giving an account of the soil, air, product, trade, government, laws, religion, people, military strength, &c. of that province; together with the manner and necessary charges of settling a plantation there, and the annual profit it will produce. Written by a Swiss gentleman, to his friend at Bern. 1710
Publisher A tale of a tarr. A new ballad. 1710
Bookseller High-Church miracles, or, Modern inconsistencies. 1710
Bookseller Serious advice to the good people of England: shewing them their true interest, and their true friends. 1710
Publisher The British constitution consider'd, with a character of the court and Parliament in the year 1676. In a letter from Denzil Lord Hollis, to Monsieur van Beuningen, sometime ambassador in the courts of England and France, from the states-general of the United Province. 1712
Printer A poem on the memorable fall of Chloe's p--s pot, attempted in blank verse. 1713
Bookseller A poem on the memorable fall of Chloe's p--s pot, attempted in blank verse. 1713
Bookseller A true list of the Lords spiritual and temporal: as also a list of the kts. and commissioners of shires, citizens and burgesses of the Parliament of Great Britain; as it stood, July the 16th. 1713. 1713
Publisher Of the original and ends of government : the indispensable duty of magistrates, and power of princes, distinguishing them from tyrants. Together with A Short View of the several Forms of Government, and different Administrations in the Old Testament. To which are added, Some remarkable Instances of God's Severity towards the rebellious Kings of Israel and Judah. AS Also An Account of the Last Resort in Matters of Controversy. And a brief vindication of the rights and liberties of the people. 1713
Publisher The Life of the Right Honourable and Right Reverend Dr. Henry Compton Late Lord Bishop of London. 1715?

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