Name British Women Romantic Poets Project (UC Davis)
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The British Women Romantic Poet's Project is producing an online scholarly archive consisting of E-text editions of poetry by British and Irish women written (not necessarily published) between 1789 (the onset of the French Revolution) and 1832 (the passage of the Reform Act), a period traditionally known in English literary history as the Romantic period.


British Women Romantic Poets Project. University of California, Davis, 1997,


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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
11237 A Monody to the Memory of Thomas Lord Erskine. Inscribed by Permission to His Royal Highness the Duke of York. By Miss Harriett Cope. Cope , Harriet
Francis, Charles and John Rivington (London)
12691 Camilla de Florian, and Other Poems. By an officer's wife. Fraser , Susan
12142 Early Attempts at Poetry, Written at Different Periods, from 1811, to 1816. By Mary Abel Clinckett. Clinckett , Mary Abel
10387 Edmond of Ryedale Vale; or the Widowed Bride, a Poem in Six Cantos. By Frances Elizabeth Dunlop. Dunlop , Frances Elizabeth
11499 Elijah: A Poem. By a Lady. Richings , Rebecca
Josiah Conder [St. Paul's Churchyard] (London)
Leonard Benton Seeley [Fleet Street] (London)
779 Hours of Solitude. A Collection of Original Poems, now first published. by Charlotte Dacre, Better Known by the Name of Rosa Matilda. In Two Volumes. Dacre , Charlotte
James Fletcher Hughes [Wigmore Street] (London)
James Ridgway [170 Piccadilly] (London)
9773 Miscellaneous Poems, by Miss Emma Lyon, Daughter of the Rev. S. Lyon, Hebrew Teacher. Lyon , Emma
10424 Miscellaneous Poems. Dedicated to Joseph Jekyll, Esq. By E. S. L. Law , Elizabeth Susan
13048 Original Fables. By a Lady. Dedicated to Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales. Embellished with fifty-four elegant engravings on wood. Hutchinson , Miss A. A.
Benjamin Crosby and Co. (London)
10838 Poems, on Various Occasions. By Elizabeth Bath. Bath , Elizabeth
9718 Serious Poetry.By Caroline Fry, author of Death, and Other Poems; The Poetical Catechism for the Use of Young Persons, &c. Second Edition. Fry , Caroline
Ogle, Duncan, and Co. (London)
1823 Second Edition
10050 Sir Wilibert de Waverley; or, the Bridal Eve. A Poem. By Eliza S. Francis, Author of "The Rival Roses," &c. Francis , Eliza S.
Samuel Leigh (London)