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The Making of the Modern World contains books, pamphlets, serials, and essays that track the development of the modern, western world through the lens of trade and wealth.


The Making of the Modern World. Gale, 


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25978 A letter to the proprietors of the South-Sea stock. Shewing what will be the most easy and effectual method to discharge their present bond debt, without prejudice to their capital stock. Unknown ,
James Roberts [Warwick Lane] (London)
Elizabeth Nutt [Royal Exchange] (London)
14225 Letters of the late Ignatius Sancho, an African. To which are prefixed, Memoirs of his Life, by Joseph Jekyll, Esq. M.P. The fifth edition. Jekyll , Joseph
Sancho , Ignatius
William Sancho [Charles Street] (London)
1803 The fifth edition.
25334 Seasonable considerations relating to insolvent debtors, drawn from the practice of foreign states, Addressed to the Right Honourable Arthur Onslow, Esq; speaker of the Honourable House of Commons, and one of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy-Council. Unknown ,
Henry Whitridge [Royal Exchange] (London)
Anne Dodd I (London)
13814 The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave. Related by Herself. With a Supplement by the Editor. To which is added, The Narrative of Asa-Asa, A Captured African. Third Edition. Prince , Mary
Frederick Westley and A.H. Davis (London)
Waugh and Innes [1826-1836] (Edinburgh)
1831 Third Edition
1209 The Tendency of Strikes and Sticks to Produce Low Wages, and of Union Between Masters and Men to Ensure Good Wages. By Harriet Martineau. Martineau , Harriet
J. H. Veitch (Durham)
3927 Village politics. Addressed to all the mechanics, journeymen, and day labourers, in Great Britain. By Will Chip, a country carpenter. Fifth edition. More , Hannah
Francis and Charles Rivington (London)
1793 Fifth edition.