ID 13290
Title "'Tis all for the best," or, the history of Mrs. Simpson.
Contributors More, Hannah (Author); Watson, Ann (Bookseller); Watson, Ann (Printer)
Signed Author Anonymous
Firms Ann Watson (Printer); Ann Watson (Bookseller)
Self-published No
Volumes 1
Pagination 23, [1]
Date of Publication
Edition Statement
Edition Number
Date of First Publication
Imprint Sold by Ann Watson, Capel-street, printer to the Cheap Repository for Religious and Moral Tracts: and by the booksellers, chapmen, and hawkers, in town and country.
Copyright Statement
Location of Printing Dublin IE
Format duodecimo (12mo)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Price (pound)
Price (shilling)
Price (pence) 1.0
Total Price (in pence)
Non-UK Price
Genre Juvenile Literature
Sources British Library 4413.l.38.(7)
Shelfmarks BL 4413.l.38.(7)
Hand-Verified Yes
Verified Yes
Attempted Verification No

Bibliographic Entry

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Recommended Citation

More, Hannah. ""'Tis all for the best," or, the history of Mrs. Simpson." The Women's Print History Project, 2019, title ID 13290 Accessed 2021-08-02.

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