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The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and gives access to the world’s most comprehensive research collection. The collection of over 170 million items includes artefacts from every age of written civilisation.


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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
13290 "'Tis all for the best," or, the history of Mrs. Simpson. More, Hannah
9579 "Think of Jesus": A Poem Written for Good Friday, in the Year of Our Lord 1823. By Mary Ann Lloyd. Lloyd, Mary Ann
1823 1
9981 [An Address to All in Difficulties] Ripley, Dorothy
Philip Rose [20 Broadmead] (Bristol)
1821 1
13651 [The Death of Abel ... Attempted from the German of Mr. Gessner [by Mary Collyer]. Stereotype edition.] Gessner, Salomon
1814 Irish
13652 [The Death of Abel ... Attempted from the German of Mr. Gessner [by Mary Collyer]. Stereotype edition.] With a sketch of the life of the author. To which is now first added, the Death of Cain, in five books ... to which is subjoined, Death, a vision, ... under the similitude of a dream: by J. Macgowan Gessner, Salomon
MacGowan, John
13649 [The Death of Abel ... Attempted from the German of Mr. Gessner [by Mary Collyer]. Stereotype edition.] With original notes by F. Shoberl. To which is added, Death, a vision ... By J. Macgowan. Albion Press Edition Gessner, Salomon
MacGowan, John
13659 [The Death of Abel ... Translated ... by Mrs. Collyer ... to which is added, The Death of Cain [by William H. Hall] ... likewise, The Life of Joseph ... and Death, a Vision ... by John Macgowan. Kelly's improved edition ... with engravings.] Gessner, Salomon
MacGowan, John
Hall, William
Thomas Kelly (London)
13654 [The Death of Abel, etc. [Translated by Mary Collyer.]] Gessner, Salomon
6089 A catalogue of plants copyed from nature in paper mosaick, finished in the year 1778, and disposed in alphabetical order, according to the generic and specific names of Linnæus. Delany, Mary
1778 1
12516 A Catalogue of the Organic Remains of the County of Wilts. By Etheldred Bennett. Benett, Etheldred
1831 1
7576 A caution to such as observe days and times: to which is added, an address to magistrates, parents, masters of families, &c. By Sophia Hume. The fifth edition. Hume, Sophia
1766 5
7601 A caution to such as observe days and times. To which is added, an address to magistrates, parents, and masters of families, &c. By S. H. Hume, Sophia
12830 A Choice Collection of Riddles, Charades, Rebusses, &c. Chiefly Original. By Peter Puzzlewell, Esq. Unknown,
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
13381 A collection of farces and other afterpieces, which are acted at the Theatres-Royal, Drury-Lane, Covent-Garden, and Hay-Market. Printed under the authority of the managers from the prompt-book: selected by Mrs. Inchbald. In seven volumes. Tobin, John
Milton, John
Colman, George (the younger)
Dodsley, Robert
Foote, Samuel
Dibdin, Charles
Kemble, John Philip
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown (London)
13355 A Collection of Hymns, from various authors. Intended as a supplement to Dr. Watts's Hymns, and Imitation of the Psalms. Burder, George
Watts, Isaac
12957 A collection of maxims, observations, &c. 1799 1
13389 A collection of novels and tales of the fairies. Written by that celebrated wit of France, the Countess d'Anois. In three volumes. The fifth edition. Translated from the best edition of the original French, by several hands. d'Aulnoy, Marie-Catherine
Bedwell Law [13 Ave Maria Lane, 1767-1790, 1794-1795] (London)
Henry Woodfall (London)
Catherine and Richard Ware (London)
John Brotherton (Cornhill)
Richard Baldwin (London)
George Burnett [Bishop Burnett's Head] (London)
1767 5
12161 A Collection of Novels, Selected and Revised by Mrs. Griffith. Haywood, Eliza
Behn, Aphra
Aubin, Penelope
George Kearsley [Fleet Street] (London)
1777 1
6261 A Collection of Roses from Nature. Mary Lawrance (London)
3222 A collection of songs: with symphonies and accompaniments. Set to music by Miss Turner. Turner, Elizabeth
12920 A Collection of the Most Approved Entertaining Stories, calculated for the instruction and amusement of all the little masters and misses in this vast empire. By Solomon Winlove, Esq. A new edition. Unknown,
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
13419 A collection of the most esteemed farces and entertainments performed on the British stage. Cibber, Susannah Maria Arne
Silvester Doig [1790-96] (Edinburgh)
William Anderson (Stirling)
13416 A collection of the most esteemed farces and entertainments performed on the British stage. A new edition. Shakespeare, William
Cibber, Susannah Maria Arne
Centlivre, Susanna
Hawkesworth, John
Garrick, David
Milton, John
Murphy, Arthur
Colman, George (the elder)
Dodsley, Robert
Whitehead, William
Fielding, Henry
Bickerstaff, Isaac
Cibber, Colley
Villiers, George
Kelly, Hugh
Foote, Samuel
Dibdin, Charles
Jackman, Isaac
Reed, Joseph
Ravenscroft, Edward
O'Hara, Kane
Gay, John
Charles Elliot [Edin] (Edinburgh)
7366 A comment on Dr. Watts's Divine songs for children, with questions; designed to illustrate the doctrines and precepts to which they refer; and induce a proper application of them as instruments of early piety. By Mrs. Trimmer. Trimmer, Sarah
John Rivington and Sons [or J. F. and C. Rivington] (London)
Charles Dilly (London)
Thomas Longman, jun. (London)
Thomas Field (London)
James Buckland [57 Paternoster, 1767–89] (London)
1789 1
835 A Companion and Useful Guide to the Beauties in the Western Highlands of Scotland, and in the Hebrides: To which is added, a description of part of the main land of Scotland, and of the isles of Mull, Ulva, Staffa, I-Columbkill, Tirii, Coll, Eigg, Skye, Raza, and Scalpa. By the Hon. Mrs. Murray, of Kensington. Vol. II. Murray, Sarah
1803 1