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Publisher Mrs Povey's Letter to her countrymen in Staffordshire, occasioned by the dissenters complaint of their persecution by the Church. Povey , Mercy (Author)
Unknown A fountain of gardens: or, a spiritual diary of the wonderful experiences of a Christian soul, under the conduct of the heavenly wisdom; continued from the year MDCLXXVIII, to the middle of the year MDCLXXXVI. Vol. III. Part. II. By J. Lead. Lead , Jane (Author)
Unknown The protestation of Thomas, up Shinkin, up Morgan, up Howellup William, up Raph, up Shon, up Taffie, shentileman of Wales, concerning the distemperature of these times; together with her owne will written, puplished py her owne hand fifteen tayes after her teeth; with a song which her was never apide, in awle her life, pecause it was jeer her country. 1701
Publisher May it please your Lordships, seriously to consider what great things God has done for you and for the Kingdom ... James , Elinor (Author)
Publisher O my dear God, who can I make my applications unto, but to thy divine Majesty, ... thou knowest that I am wholly innocent of all those evil things which Oats, or any other wicked men lay to my charge. ... James , Elinor (Author)
Publisher May it please your Majesty, seriously to consider the reason of your coming hither, Was it not to rectifie a prince that took false steps, which occasion'd the people to fear, that chucrh [sic] and state was in danger to be destroy'd by popery. ... James , Elinor (Author)
Printer The secret history of Queen Zarah, and the Zarazians; Being a looking-glass for ----- -------- in the kingdom of Albigion. Faithfully translated from the Italian copy now lodg'd in the Vatican at Rome and never before printed in any language. Manley , Delarivier (Author)
Browne , Joseph (Author)
Publisher Genuine particulars of the life of the celebrated Richard Parker, alias Admiral Parker; found guilty, on tryal, before a court martial held at Greenhith for mutiny and disbobedience of orders. By a lady many years a resident in Moscow,-where she knew Parker intimately; and in whose fate, from an acquired freiendship, and some family alliance, she feels herself particularly interested. Unknown , (Author)
Publisher Next door to the Golden Bell in St. Bride's Lane, Fleet Street, liveth Lydia Beecraft, who cutteth and curleth ladies, gentlemens, and childrens hair; ... Beecraft , Lydia (Author)
Publisher Observations by Hyacinthus Pilley upon the case of the respondents, Hugh Madden and Katherine his wife. Pilley , Hyacinth (Author)
Publisher Bess O'Bedlam's love to her brother Tom: with a word in behalf of poor brother Ben Hoadly. Unknown , (Author)
Publisher The fifteen pleasures of a virgin. Written by the suppos'd author of The fifteen plagues of a maidenhead. B-----le , Madam (Author)
Publisher The Key to Atalantis. Part I. Manley , Delarivier (Author)
Publisher The Key to atalantis. Part II. Manley , Delarivier (Author)
Unknown Information for the dutchess of Buccleugh, against the earls of Melvill and Leven, and Mr. James Melvill of Hall-hill. Buccleuch , Anne Scott (Author)
Unknown Warnings of the Eternal Spirit, to the City of Edenburgh, Pronounced by the Mouths of Margaret Mackenzie, and James Cuninghame. Mackenzie , Margaret (Author)
Cuninghame , James (Author)
Printer The secret history of Queen Zarah, and the Zarazians. Containing the true reasons of the necessity of the Revolution that lately happen'd in the kingdom of Albigion. By way of appendix to the New Atlantis. In two parts. Manley , Delarivier (Author)
Browne , Joseph (Author)
Unknown A warning of the eternal spirit, pronounc'd at Bristol, by the mouth of Mary Beer, March 18. 1711 Beer , Mary (Author)
Unknown Suite de l'histoire secrette de la reine Zarah et des Zaraziens; Ou la Duchesse de Marlborough demasquée. Manley , Delarivier (Author)
Browne , Joseph (Author)
Unknown A key to the third volume of the Atalantis, call'd, Memoirs of Europe. Manley , Delarivier (Author)
Unknown To my Lord-Mayor and Court of Aldermen. James , Elinor (Author)
Publisher The history of Mother Shipton: Containing an account of her strange and unnatural conception, her birth, life, actions and death: the correspondence she held with the devil, and many strange and wonderful things perform'd by her. Together with all the predictions and prophecies that have been made by her, and since fulfilled, from the reign of King Henry the VII. to the third year of the late deceased Sovereign Lady Queen Ann: with several not yet fulfilled, apparently shewing the downfall of the Late French King, and the happy condition of these kingdoms under Her Late Majesty's successful and prosperous reign. Shipton , Ursula (Author)
Head , Richard (Author)
Printer The Devonshire woman: or, a wonderful narrative of Frances Flood, shewing how she was taken by the small-pox in the street of Saltford, near Bath, in the year 1723; and having no place of abode [being a stranger] she got to a barn in the said town, where her legs broke short off in the small; and was healed without the help of physician or surgeon. Licens'd and enter'd according to order. Flood , Frances (Author)
Printer The devonshire woman; or, a wonderful narrative of Frances Flood. Shewing how she was taken by the small-pox in the street of Saltford, near Bath; in the year 1723; and having no place of Abode, being a Stranger, she got to a Barn in the said Town, where her Legs broke short off in the small, and was healed without the help of Physician or Surgeon. Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order. Flood , Frances (Author)
Publisher Memoirs, or, Spiritual exercises of Elisabeth Wast; written by her own hand. Wast , Elisabeth (Author)

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