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Title [The Death of Abel ... Attempted from the German of Mr. Gessner [by Mary Collyer]. Stereotype edition.] With a sketch of the life of the author. To which is now first added, the Death of Cain, in five books ... to which is subjoined, Death, a vision, ... under the similitude of a dream: by J. Macgowan
Contributors Collyer, Mary (Translator); Gessner, Salomon (Author); MacGowan, John (Author)
Signed Author by J. Macgowan
Self-published Unknown
Volumes 1
Pagination xxvi, 595
Date of Publication 1814
Date of First Publication 1761
Imprint Oxford,
Location of Printing Oxford GB
Format duodecimo (12mo)
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Genre Religion/Biblical
Sources British Library BL
Shelfmarks BL
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