ID 9760
Title Lines. Written on Several Occasions
Contributors Monckton, Charlotte Penelope (Author)
Signed Author the late Honble. Charlotte Penelope Monckton
Firms Unknown (Publisher)
Self-published Unknown
Volumes 1
Pagination 59
Date of Publication 1806
Edition Statement
Edition Number 1
Date of First Publication 1806
Imprint [no publisher]
Copyright Statement
Location of Printing
Format unknown ()
Length (cm) 7
Width (cm) 10
Price (pound)
Price (shilling)
Price (pence)
Total Price (in pence)
Non-UK Price
Genre Poetry
Sources Jackson Bibliography (#17953)
Shelfmarks Princeton U. (Ex) 3862.202.358s
Hand-Verified No
Verified No
Attempted Verification Yes

Bibliographic Entry

Monckton, Charlotte P. Lines. Written on Several Occasions. Unknown, 1806.

@book{ wphp_9760
  author={Monckton,Charlotte Penelope},
  title={Lines. Written on Several Occasions},

Recommended Citation

Monckton, Charlotte Penelope. "Lines. Written on Several Occasions" The Women's Print History Project, 2019, title ID 9760 Accessed 2021-07-28.

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