Name Poetry

Composition, elegy, epistle, or canto in verse.


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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
10119 "Bread Cast upon the Waters." By Mrs. Dixon, Author of the "Mount of Olives," A Poem. Dixon , Charlotte Eliza
9579 "Think of Jesus": A Poem Written for Good Friday, in the Year of Our Lord 1823. By Mary Ann Lloyd. Lloyd , Mary Ann
9981 [An Address to All in Difficulties] Ripley , Dorothy
Philip Rose [20 Broadmead] (Bristol)
15521 [An elegiac poem, on the death of that celebrated divine, and eminent servant of] Jesus Christ, the reverend [and learned] George Whitefield, by Phillis, a servant girl, of 17 years of age, belonging to Mr. J. Wheatley, of Boston:--she has been but 9 years in this country from Africa. Wheatley , Phillis
4649 [An irregular ode] to Edward Byrne, Esq. of mullinahack, on his marriage with Miss Roe, step-daughter to one Noble Lord, and niece to another!!! Battier , Henrietta
15897 A Beautiful Poem on Providence, written by a young female slave. To which is subjoined A Short Account of this Extraordinary Writer. Wheatley , Phillis
12401 A Collection of Miscellaneous Poems, By Mrs. B-----n, in the Parish of Carnock, near Dunfermline. Unknown , [Woman]
Caw and Elder (Edinburgh)
4734 A collection of poems and fables, by Mrs. Isabella Kelly. Kelly , Isabella
John Debrett [179 Piccadilly] (London)
John Balfour (Edinburgh)
William Richardson (London)
4832 A collection of poems, by a young lady. Swinney , Jane
2125 A collection of poems. By Anne Ross. The third edition, revised and corrected. Ross , Ann
1798 The third edition, revised and corrected.
22 A Collection of Songs and Poems on Several Occasions. By Isabel Pagan. Pagan , Isabel
22863 A description of Bath: a poem. In a letter to a friend. Chandler , Mary
James Roberts [Warwick Lane] (London)
J. Jackson (London)
J. Gray
22866 A description of Bath. A poem. Humbly Inscribed to her Royal Highness the Princess Amelia. Chandler , Mary
6629 A description of the Castle-hllls, near Northallerton, a poem. Written in the year 1746. By Miss Crosfield. To which is added, The hermit, a poem. By Dr. Beattie. Crosfield , Anne
Beattie , James
5523 A descriptive plan of the new opera house, with the Names of the Subscribers to each Box taken from the Theatre itself by A Lady of Fashion. Unknown , [Woman]
Thomas Becket [82 Pall Mall] (London)
22976 A dialogue between a surly husband, and a condescending wife. Ward , Edward
4579 A farewell, for two years, to England. A poem. By Helen Maria Williams. Williams , Helen Maria
Thomas Cadell [London] (London)
14376 A garland of juvenile poems. Written and selected by Mrs. D. L. Child, author of "The Mother's Book," "Holiday Evenings," &c. &c. Child , Lydia Maria Francis
John Limbird [143 Strand] (London)
7592 A hermit's tale: recorded by his own hand, and found in his cell. The second edition. Lee , Sophia
Thomas Cadell [London] (London)
1787 The second edition.
7602 A hermit's tale: recorded by his own hand, and found in his cell. Lee , Sophia
1787 Irish 1st
7604 A hermit's tale: recorded by his own hand, and found in his cell. Lee , Sophia
Thomas Cadell [London] (London)
1251 A Lament upon The Death of Her Royal Highness The Princess Charlotte; and, Alfred, A Vision Lickbarrow , Isabella
10018 A legacy for young ladies : consisting of miscellaneous pieces, in prose and verse by the late Mrs. Barbauld. Second edition. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green (London)
1826 Second edition.
400 A Legacy for Young Ladies, Consisting of Miscellaneous Pieces, in Prose and Verse by the late Mrs. Barbauld. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green (London)
5400 A letter to a friend, with a poem, called the ghost of Werter. By Lady- Wallace , Eglantine
John Debrett [179 Piccadilly] (London)