ID 6688
Name Elizabeth Cooke
Gender Female
Street Address Royal-Exchange
City London
Start Date 1733
End Date 1752
Sources British Book Trade Index 15600
Related People Cooke, Elizabeth
Notes Also spelled "Cook."


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller Modern Patriotism, a Poem. Unknown , (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
Dodd I , Anne (Bookseller)
and 2 more.
Bookseller A Complete Catalogue of all the Discourses Written, Both for and against Popery, in the Time of King James II. Containing in the Whole, An Account of Four Hundred and Fifty seven Books and Pamphlets, a great Number of them not mentioned in the three former Catalogues. With References after each Title, for the more speedy finding of a further Account of the said Discourses, and of their Authors, in sundry Writers: and an Alphabetical List of the Writers on each Side. A tract very necessary for these Times, and for all those who are desirous to complete their Sets of those Pieces, or would sort them to the best Advantage. Drawn up in a new Method, by Francis Peck, M.A. rector of Godeby, near Melton in Leicestershire. Peck , Frances (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
Dodd I , Anne (Bookseller)
and 1 more.
Bookseller True Character of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield; In a Letter from a Deist in London, to his Friend in the Country. With some Observations on the Dispute between Dr. Trapp and Mr. Whitefield, and the Behaviour of the Clergy. Likewise the sentiments, manners, &c. of deists, fairly stated by real truths. Unknown , (Author)
Dodd II , Anne (Bookseller)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
and 3 more.
Bookseller The Equity of Parnassus: A Poem. Haywood , Eliza (Bookseller)
Unknown , (Author)
Dodd II , Anne (Bookseller)
and 2 more.
Bookseller An Address to that Honest Part of the Nation, Call'd the Lower Sort of People; on the Subject of Popery and the Pretender. The Second Edition. Unknown , (Author)
Kingman , Mary (Bookseller)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
and 3 more.
Bookseller Poems, on several occasions. Containing, I. On Retirement. A Miltonic Essay. II. Isaiah, Chap. xi. versify'd. III. Rural Happiness. IV. Philander's Petition. V. The Fortunate Clown. VI. The Lucky Minute. Vii. Advice to Daphne. Viii. Songs. IX. Epigrams. By Robert Upton. Dodd II , Anne (Bookseller)
Cooke , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
Upton , Robert (Author)
Bookseller St. Patrick for Ireland. A tragi-comedy. First Acted By His Majesty's Company of Comedians, in the Year 1639. Written by James Shirley, Esq; To which is prefix'd, An Account of the Author, and his Works: And an abstract of The life of St. patrick, Collected from the best Historians. Shirley , James (Author)
Dodd II , Anne (Bookseller)
Cooke , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
Bookseller The comments of bull face double fee, on the petition of the freeholders of the county of Middlesex; abounding with the most scurrilous abuse, indecent Invectives, and audacious Manaces; against the petitioners, and every other Person concerned in preparing and supporting that Petition, continued in the Gazeteer, from the 6th of June last, to the 7th of July inclusive Unknown , (Author)
Cooke , Elizabeth (Publisher)

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