ID 880
Name William Richardson
Gender Unknown
Street Address 91 Royal Exchange, Cornhill
City London
Start Date 1785
End Date 1797


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher The miniature picture. A comedy in three acts. Craven, Elizabeth 1780
Bookseller The pious incendiaries: or, fanaticism display'd. A poem. By a lady. O'Brien, Mary 1785
Publisher Fanny: a novel; in a series of letters. Written by a lady. In three volumes. ... Holford, Margaret (the elder) 1785
Bookseller Genuine memoirs of Jane Elizabeth Moore. Late of Bermondsey, in the county of Surry. Written by herself: containing the singular adventures of herself and family. Her Sentimental Journey through Great Britain: specifying the various Manufactures carried on at each Town. A comprehensive Treatise on the Trade, Manufactures, Navigation, Laws and Police of this Kingdom, and the necessity of a Country Hospital. To which is prefixed ... Moore, Jane Elizabeth 1786
Bookseller The platonic marriage: a novel, in a series of letters. By Mrs. Cartwright. Cartwright, Mrs. H. 1786
Bookseller Poems on various subjects. By Miss Eliza Thompson. Thompson, Eliza 1787
Bookseller The humours of Brighthelmstone. By J. West. West, Jane 1788
Publisher Helena, a novel. By a lady of distinction. Unknown, [Woman] 1788
Bookseller Eleonora, a novel, in a series of letters; written by a female inhabitant of Leeds in Yorkshire. Gomersall, Ann 1789
Bookseller The hermit of Snowden: or memoirs of Albert and Lavinia. Taken from a faithful copy of the original manuscript, which was found ... by the late Rev. Dr. L- and Mr. -, in the year 17**. Ryves, Elizabeth 1789
Bookseller The Parson's Wife. A novel. Written by a lady. Unknown, [Woman] 1789
Bookseller Henry; or, the wanderer reclaimed. A sacred poem. Humbly addressed to British youth. By Maria de Fleury. de Fleury, Maria 1790
Bookseller Sydney and Eugenia. A novel. By a lady. Unknown, [Woman] 1790
Bookseller Virginius and Virginia; a poem, in six parts. From the Roman history. By Mrs. Gunning. Dedicated to supreme fashion; but not by permission. Gunning, Susannah 1792
Bookseller A discourse on National Fasts, Particularly in reference to that of April 19, 1793. On Occasion of the War against France. By W. Fox. The third edition. Fox, William 1793
Bookseller Simple facts; or, the history of an orphan. In two volumes. By Mrs. Mathews. ... Mathews, Mrs. 1793
Bookseller The interest of Great Britain, respecting the French war. By William Fox. Fox, William 1793
Bookseller The interest of Great Britain, respecting the French war. By William Fox. Author of an Address to the People of Great Britain, on the Propriety of Abstaining from West-India Sugar and Rum. Fox, William 1793
Bookseller The interest of Great Britain, respecting the French War. By William Fox. Author of an Address to the people of Great Britain, on the propriety of abstaining from West-India sugar and rum. The second edition. Fox, William 1793
Bookseller The interest of Great Britain, respecting the French War. By William Fox. The Fifth edition, corrected. Fox, William 1793
Bookseller The religion of nature, a short discourse, Delivered before the national assembly at Paris, by Mons. le Curé of - on his resigning the priesthood. With a short address to the jurymen of Great Britain. By Bob Short. Barbauld, Anna Laetitia 1793
Bookseller Caroline Merton, a novel, founded on facts; by a lady. ... Unknown, [Woman] 1794
Publisher A collection of poems and fables, by Mrs. Isabella Kelly. Kelly, Isabella 1794
Publisher A New History of England, by Question and Answer, Extracted from the Most Celebrated English Historians, particularly M. Rapin de Thoyras, by the author of the Roman History by Question and Answer. The Twenty-Third Edition corrected, and brought down to the present time. Lockman, John 1794
Publisher The complete French master, for ladies and gentlemen; containing, I. A new methodical French grammar. II. A well digested and copious Vocabulary. III. Familiar Phrases and Dialogues on all Manner of Subjects. IV. Dialogues of Wit and Humour. V. A Taste of the French Poetry. VI. A Collection of French Songs. Vii. A Collection of Choice Proverbs, both French and English. Viii. A catalogue of the most approved French books, recommended as proper in fitting up a Lady’s or a Gentleman’s Library. For The Use Of His Highness William, Sometime Duke Of Gloucester. By Mr. Abel Boyer, Author Of The Royal Dictionary, French And English. Boyer, Abel 1794

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