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Name John Cooke [Oxford]
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Publisher The history of Portia. Written by a lady. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher The complete confectioner: or the whole art of confectionary made plain and easy. Shewing The various Methods of Preserving and Candying, both dry and liquid, All Kinds of Fruit, Flowers, and Herbs; The different Ways of Clarifying Sugar; And the Method of Keeping Fruit, Nuts, and Flowers, Fresh and Fine All the Year Round. Also Directions for making Rock-Works and Candies, Biscuits, Rich Cakes, Creams and Ice Creams, Custards, Jellies, Blomonge Whip Syllabubs, and Cheese-Cakes of all Sorts, Sweetmeats, English Wines of all Sorts, Strong Cordials, Simple Waters, Mead, Oils, &c. Syrups of all Kinds, Milk Punch that will keep twenty Years, Knicknacks and Trifles for Deserts, &c. &c. &c. Likewise The Art of making Artificial Fruit, With the Stalks in it, so as to resemble the natural Fruit. To which are added, some bills of fare for deserts for private families. By H. Glasse, Author of the Art of Cookery. Glasse , Hannah (Author)
Publisher The complete servant maid: or young woman's best companion. Containing full, plain, and easy directions for qualifying them for service in general, but more especially for the Places of Lady's Woman, Housekeeper, Chambermaid, Nursery Maid, Housemaid, Laundry Maid, Cook Maid, Kitchen, or Scullery Maid, Dairy Maid. To which are added, Useful Instructions for discharging the Duties of each Character, with Reputation to themselves, and Satisfaction to their Employers. Including A Variety of useful Receipts (proper to be known by all Young Persons) particularly for cleaning Household Furniture, Silks, Laces, Gold, Silver, Wearing Apparel, &c. &c. By Mrs. Anne Barker, Who having for many Years discharged the Office of Housekeeper in the most respectable Families, wishes to communicate her Experience to those of her own Sex, whose Circumstances oblige them to live in Servitude. Barker , Anne (Author)
Bookseller A list of a few cures performed by Mr. and Mrs. de Loutherbourg, of Hammersmith Terrace, without medicine. By a lover of the Lamb of God. M. P. Most respectfully dedicated to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. Pratt , Mary (Author)
Smith , Esther (Bookseller)
Bookseller Poems by the late George-Monck Berkeley, Esq. LL. B. F. S.S. A. With a preface by the editor, consisting of some anecdotes of Mr. Monck Berkeley and several of his friends. Berkeley , George Monck (Author)
Berkeley , Eliza (Editor)
Bookseller Miscellaneous Poems, by Miss Emma Lyon, Daughter of the Rev. S. Lyon, Hebrew Teacher. Lyon , Emma (Author)

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