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Harvey , J. (1820). Poems, original and moral, for the use of children. Derby: Henry Mozley II [Brook Street]
Reeve , S. (1826). Christmas trifles; consisting principally of geographical charades, valentines, and poetical pieces, for young persons. by mrs. reeve, author of the flowers at court, holiday annals, etc. Norwich: Henry Mozley II [Brook Street] Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Joseph Harvey and Samuel Darton. John Stacy.
Heasell , A. (1832). The morning repast; consisting of original meditations & hymns, with a collection of texts, arranged for daily use in private devotion; also four songs for zion's pilgrims. London: Thomas Hamilton, William Adams, and Co. Henry Mozley II [Brook Street] Frederick Westley and A.H. Davis. William Oliphant. Leonard Benton Seeley and Sons. Jarrold and Son.