ID 1244
Name George Smallfield
Gender Unknown
Street Address
City Hackney
Start Date 1818
End Date 1837


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Printer Sonnets and Other Poems. By Jane Alice Sargant. Sargant , Jane Alice (Author)
Sargant , Jane Alice (Publisher)
Printer Sonnets and Other Poems. By Jane Alice Sargant. Second Edition. Sargant , Jane Alice (Author)
Sargant , Jane Alice (Publisher)
Printer The Sunflower; or, Poetical Truths, for Young Minds, Religious, Moral, Miscellaneous, and Historical; Forming a Collection of Original Poems, and intended as a Continuation of "Simple Truths in Verse." By Mary Elliott, (late Belson,) Author of "Simple truths." Elliott , Mary Belson (Author)
Printer Innocent poetry for infant minds. By Mary Elliott and others. Elliott , Mary Belson (Author)
Printer The Adventures of a Donkey. By Arabella Argus, Author of "The Juvenile Spectator." Argus , Arabella (Author)
Printer The two Edward; or, Pride and prejudice unmasked. By Mary Elliott. Elliott , Mary Belson (Author)
Printer The youthful Travellers; or, Letters Chiefly Descriptive of Scenes Visited by Some Young People During A Summer Excursion, Designed as Examples of the Epistolary Style for Children. Strickland , Agnes (Author)
Printer A mother's care rewarded: in the correction of those defects, most general in young people, during their education. Hughes , Mary Robson (Author)
Printer Family tales for children by Amelia Stubbs ; with copper plates. Stubbs , Amelia (Author)
Printer Gems in the mine, or, Traits and habits of childhood in verse. By Mary Elliott. Elliott , Mary Belson (Author)
Printer The little cowslip-gatherers; or, What a penny will do. By Esther Hewlett. Copley , Esther (Author)
Printer Les enfans dans la forêt: conte pour la chambre de la nourrisse. Traduit de l'anglais de Marie Elliott; par A.F. Ed. Lépée. Elliott , Mary Belson (Author)
Lépée , A. F. E. (Translator)
Printer The Rose, Containing Original Poems for Young People. By Mary Elliott. Accompanied with engravings. A new edition, corrected and revised. Elliott , Mary Belson (Author)
Printer Elliott's tales, for girls. Translated into French, by A. F. E. Lépée. Containing Beauty but skin deep. The white chicken. The contrast; or, how to be happy. Idle Ann; or, The dunce reclaimed. Elliott , Mary Belson (Author)
Printer Traditions of Palestine. Edited By Harriet Martineau. Martineau , Harriet (Author)
Printer Illustrations of Political Economy. No. II. The Hill and the Valley. A Tale Martineau , Harriet (Author)
Printer Sequel to "The well-spent hour", or, The birth-day. By the author of the "Well-spent hour," &c, &c. Follen , Eliza Lee Cabot (Author)
Printer The well-spent hour. Reprinted from the last American edition, and revised by the Rev. S. Wood, B.A. Second English Edition Follen , Eliza Lee Cabot (Author)

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