ID 1247
Name Joseph Rickerby [Sherborne Lane]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 3 Sherborne Lane
City London
Start Date 1828
End Date 1834


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Printer City Scenes; or, a Peep into London. With Seventy Illustrations, Designed by Gilbert, Engraved by Folkard. Taylor, Jane 1814
Printer Harry Beaufoy; Or, The Pupil Of Nature. By Maria Hack. Hack, Maria 1830
Printer Little anecdotes, for little people. By Mary Mister, author of 'Tales from the mountains,' &c. Mister, Mary 1830
Printer The Negro Slave. A Tale. Addressed to the Women of Great Britain Ellis, Sarah Stickney 1830
Printer Stories of animals, second series. Intended for children between seven and ten years old. Hack, Maria 1831
Printer Tales for children, in a familiar style. By Maria Joseph Crabb. Crabb, Maria Joseph 1831
Printer Anne and Jane; or, The good child's reading-book. In words of one syllable. Vaux, Frances Bowyer 1832
Printer Geological sketches and glimpses of the ancient earth. By Maria Hack. Hack, Maria 1832
Printer Tales of the Saxons. By Emily Taylor. Taylor, Emily 1832
Printer Miscellaneous Poems, and Paraphrases of Select Passages of the Hebrew Scriptures. By Mary Frank. Frank, Mary 1833
Printer Tales of travel: consisting of narratives of various journeys through some of the most interesting parts of the world. By F. B. Miller, author of 'Domestic Pleasures,' &c. &c. Vaux, Frances Bowyer 1833
Printer Lectures at home. Discovery and manufacture of glass: lenses and mirrors: the structure of the eye. By Maria Hack. Hack, Maria 1834
Printer Tales of distant lands. Hack, Maria 1834
Printer Winter evenings, or, Tales of travellers. By Maria Hack. Hack, Maria 1836

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