ID 143
Name Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green
Gender Unknown
Street Address 39 Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date 1827
End Date 1837
Related Firms Thomas Norton Longman III


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent During the Years 1799-1804. By Alexander de Humboldt, and Aimé Bonpland; with Maps, Plans, &c. Written in French by Alexander de Humboldt, and Translated into English by Helen Maria Williams. Bonpland , Aimé Jacques Alexandre (Author)
von Humboldt , Friedrich Heinrich Alexander (Author)
Williams , Helen Maria (Translator)
Publisher On the Principles of the Christian Religion, Addressed to her Daughter; and, On Theology Hutchinson , Lucy (Author)
Hutchinson , Julius (Editor)
Publisher Beauties of Sturm's Reflections; in lessons on the works of God, and of His providence. Rendered familiar to the capacities of youth by Eliza Andrews, author of Allegorical Miniatures, The Brothers, &c. The Eight Edition. Sturm , Cristoph Christian (Author)
Andrews , Eliza (Translator)
Bookseller Fancy's Tour with the Genius of Cruelty, in Five Stages, and Other Poems Kennedy , John (Author)
Mathie , Mrs. (Bookseller)
Bookseller The Negro's Friend, or, the Sheffield Anti-slavery Album Montgomery , James (Author)
Holland , John (Author)
Roberts , Samuel (Author)
and 1 more.
Publisher A legacy for young ladies : consisting of miscellaneous pieces, in prose and verse by the late Mrs. Barbauld. Second edition. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Author)
Aikin , Lucy (Editor)
Publisher De Foix; or, Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the Fourteenth Century. An Historical Romance. By Anna Eliza Bray, Late Mrs. Charles Stothard, author of Letters written during a tour through Normandy, Britanny, and other parts of France, in 1818; Memoirs of the Life of the Late Charles Alfred Stothard, F.S.A. &c. &c. &c. In three volumes. Bray , Anna Eliza (Author)
Publisher Edward. Translated from the French of the author of Ourika. de Coëtnempren de Kersaint , Claire Louise Rose Bonne (Author)
Publisher Honor O'Hara. A Novel, in three volumes. By Miss A. M. Porter, author of "The Hungarian Brothers," "The Recluse of Norway," &c. &c. &c. Porter , Anna Maria (Author)
Publisher Integrity. A Tale. By Mrs. Hofland, Author Of "The Son Of A Genius," "Decision," "Patience," "Moderation," &c. &c. Third Edition. Hofland , Barbara (Author)
Publisher Memoirs of the life and writings of Lindley Murray: in a series of letters written by himself; with a preface, and a continuation of the memoirs, by Elizabeth Frank. Frank , Elizabeth (Author)
Murray , Lindley (Author)
Frank , Elizabeth (Introducer)
Publisher Obstinacy. A Tale. By Mrs. A. C. Hall. Hall , Agnes (Author)
Publisher Poetry for Children, Consisting of Short Pieces to be Committed to Memory Aikin , Lucy (Editor)
Publisher Reflection. A Tale. By Mrs. Hofland, author of Integrity, A Tale; Patience, A Tale; Decision, A Tale; Moderation, A Tale; The Son of a Genius; Tales of the Priory; Tales of the Manor &c. &c. Hofland , Barbara (Author)
Publisher Sibyl's Leaves: Poems and Sketches Mills , Elizabeth Willesford (Author)
Publisher Tales Round a Winter Hearth. By Jane and Anna Maria Porter. In two volumes. Porter , Jane (Author)
Porter , Anna Maria (Author)
Publisher Thaddeus of Warsaw. In three volumes. By Miss Jane Porter. The Eleventh Edition. Porter , Jane (Author)
Publisher The Martyr: A Drama, in Three Acts. By Joanna Baillie, Baillie , Joanna (Author)
Publisher The Story of Isabel. By the author of "The Favourite of Nature," &c. &c. &c. In three volumes. Kelty , Mary Ann (Author)
Publisher The Three Strangers. A Play, In Five Acts. First Performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden, on Saturday, December 10th, 1825. By Harriet Lee, author of Kruitzner, and other Canterbury Tales. Lee , Harriet (Author)
Publisher The Wanderer of Scandinavia, or, Sweden Delivered, in Five Cantos, and Other Poems. By Sibella Elizabeth Hatfield. In Two Volumes Hatfield , Sibella Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Worcester Field; or, The Cavalier. A Poem in Four Cantos, with Historical Notes. By Agnes Strickland. Strickland , Agnes (Author)
Bookseller A New System of Domestic Cookery; formed upon Principles of Economy: and adapted to the Use of Private Families. By a Lady. A New Edition, corrected. Rundell , Maria Eliza (Author)
Publisher Christmas Trifles; Consisting Principally of Geographical Charades, Valentines, and Poetical Pieces, for Young Persons. By Mrs. Reeve. Reeve , Sophia (Author)
Publisher Dame Rebecca Berry; or, Court Scenes in the Reign of Charles the Second. In three volumes. Spence , Elizabeth Isabella (Author)

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