ID 149
Name Thomas Curson Hansard [Peterborough Court]
Gender Unknown
Street Address Peterborough Court
City London
Start Date 1803
End Date 1823


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer The young misses magazine, containing dialogues between a governess and several young ladies of quality her scholars. By Madame Le Prince de Beaumont. Leprince de Beaumont , Jeanne-Marie (Author)
Printer Evelina, or, the history of a young lady's introduction to the world. A new edition in two volumes. Burney , Frances (Author)
Printer The Caledonian Comet Elucidated Sellon , Martha Ann (Author)
Printer The adventures of a pincushion: designed chiefly for the use of young ladies. In two volumes. Vol. II. Kilner , Mary Ann (Author)
Printer Familiar dialogues for the instruction and amusement of children of four and five years old. Kilner , Mary Ann (Author)
Printer Scripture lessons, designed to accompany a series of prints from the Old Testament. By Mrs. Trimmer. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Printer William Sedley; or, The Evil Day Deferred. By S. S. Kilner , Mary Ann (Author)
Printer A description of a set of prints of ancient history: contained in a set of easy lessons. By Mrs. Trimmer. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Printer The Quakers. A Tale. By Elizabeth B. Lester. Lester , Elizabeth B. (Author)
Printer A short history of France: from the foundation of the empire by Pharamond to the restoration of Louis XVIII. Illustrated by 32 engravings, from original designs, and intended as a continuation of a series of historical books for children of the late Mrs. Trimmer, by her daughter, Mrs. Moore. Moore , Charlotte Trimmer (Author)
Printer The good child's delight, or, The road to knowledge: in short, entertaining lessons of one and two syllables. Kilner , Dorothy (Author)
Printer A Sequel to the Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life, containing a Further Account of Mrs. Placid and Her Daughter Rachel. By Harriet Corp, Author of An Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life, Talents Improved, Cottage Sketches, Familiar Scenes, &c. Fifth Edition. Corrected and Improved. Corp , Harriet (Author)
Printer Andrew of Padua, The Improvisatore; A Tale from the Italian of the Abbate Furbo. And the Vindictive Father, from the Spanish of Leandra of Valladerras. Furbo , Francisco (Author)
Valladerras , Leandra de (Author)
Printer The Orientalist, or Electioneering in Ireland; A Tale, by Myself. In Two Volumes. Purcell , Mrs. (Author)
Printer A description of a set of prints of ancient history: contained in a set of easy lessons. By Mrs. Trimmer. In two parts. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Printer The Sisters: A Novel, in Four Volumes. Moore , Alicia (Author)
Printer The histories of more children than one; or, Goodness better than beauty. Kilner , Dorothy (Author)
Printer A description of a set of prints of English history; contained in a set of easy lessons. By Mrs. Trimmer. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Printer Essay on Irish Bulls. By Richard Lovell Edgeworth, F.R.S and M.R.I.A, and Maria Edgeworth, Author of Castle Rackrent, &c. Fifth Edition. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Edgeworth , Richard Lovell (Author)
Printer Mountalyth, A Tale. In Three Volumes. By Jane Harvey, author of "Singularity," &c. Harvey , Jane (Author)
Printer Poetry without Fiction: For Children, between the Ages of Three and Seven; with the Conversations of a Mother with her children, intended to make the latter comprehend what they learn, and to convey such instruction as may arise out of each subject. By ...A Mother. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher Rational Sports, Or The Game of Trades and Commerce: In Dialogues Passing Among The Children Of a Family. Designed as a Slight Specimen of the method which his believed would succeed in leading children to a relish for knowledge. By Mrs Teachwell. A New and Improved Edition, with Fine Cuts. Fenn , Ellenor (Author)
Printer Ambrose and Eleanor, or, The adventures of two children deserted on an uninhabited island. Translated from the French with alterations, adapting it to the perusal of youth. By Lucy Peacock, author of "The visit for a week," &c. The Fifth Edition. Ducray-Duménil , François-Guillaume (Author)
Peacock , Lucy (Translator)
Printer Sincerity: A Tale. By the author of "Rachel," &c. Taylor , Jane (Author)
Printer Mrs Leicester's School; or, The History of Several Young Ladies, Related by Themselves. Ninth Edition. Lamb , Charles (Author)
Lamb , Mary (Author)
Godwin , Mary Jane (Publisher)

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