ID 1504
Name Shackell and Arrowsmith
Gender Unknown
Street Address Johnson's Court, Fleet Street
City London
Start Date 1821
End Date 1826


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer Extracts from the pilgrimage of St. Caroline: With Notes, by an Englishwoman. Sargant , Jane Alice (Author)
Printer Poems by Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson. Wilson , Margaret Baron (Author)
Printer The Republican's Mistress; A Novel Founded Upon Facts. By Charlotte Smith. In Three Volumes. Smith , Charlotte (Author)
Printer Redwood; a Tale. By the Author of "A New England Tale." In Three Volumes. Sedgwick , Catharine Maria (Author)
Printer The Spanish Daughter. By the Rev. George Butt, Late Chaplain to His Majesty. Revised and Corrected by His Daughter, Mrs. Sherwood, Author of "Stories on the Church Catechism," &c. &c. In Two Volumes. Butt , George (Author)
Sherwood , Mary Martha (Editor)
Printer Beauties of the Modern Poets; in Selections from the Works of Byron, Moore, Scott, Campbell, Barry Cornwall, Southey, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Croly, Mrs. Hemans, L. E. L., Montgomery, Hamilton, Crabbe, Colman, Hervey, Bird, Rogers, Alaric Watts, Miss Baillie, Mrs. Opie, etc., etc. With many fugitive pieces of distinguished merit. By D. Carey. A new edition; corrected, enlarged, and re-arranged. Crabbe , George (Author)
Colman , George (the younger) (Author)
Hervey , Thomas Kibble (Author)
and 19 more.
Printer Astarte, a Sicilian Tale: with Other Poems. By Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson, Author of "Hours at Home," &c. &c. &c. The Fourth Edition. Wilson , Margaret Baron (Author)
Printer Poems. By Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson. Wilson , Margaret Baron (Author)

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