ID 1596
Name J.M. Mozley and Co.
Gender Unknown
Street Address
City Gainsborough
Start Date 1790
End Date 1808


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Bookseller Charlotte, or, a sequel to The sorrows of Werter: A struggle between religion and love, in an epistle from Abelard to Eloisa: a vision, or evening walk; and other poems. By Mrs. Farrell. Farrell, Sarah 1792
Publisher A practical new grammar with exercises of bad English : or, an easy guide to speaking and writing the English language properly and correctly ... to which is added, a curious and useful appendix Fisher, Ann 1794
Publisher A practical new grammar, with exercises of bad English: or, an easy guide to speaking and writing the English language, properly and correctly. Containing I. Orthography, or True Spelling; which treats of the Sounds and Uses of the several Letters in all Positions; of the Division of Words into Syllables; and the Use of Points. II. Prosody, or the Art of Pronouncing Syllables in Words truly; with Tables of Words properly accented. III. Etymology, or the Kinds of Words; which explains the several Parts of Speech; their Derivations and different Endings; Change and Likeness to one another. IV. Syntax, or Construction; which teaches how to connect Words aright in a Sentence or Sentences. To which is added, a curious and useful appendix. A new edition, enlarged, improved, and corrected. By A. Fisher. Fisher, Ann 1794
Publisher Devout exercises of the heart, in meditation and soliloquy, prayer and praise, by the late pious and ingenious Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe. Reviewed and published at her request, by I. Watts, D.D. Rowe, Elizabeth Singer 1794
Printer The juvenile cabinet of amusement: consisting of pleasing fairy tales. Leprince de Beaumont, Jeanne-Marie 1795

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