ID 20
Name Minerva Press, William Lane
Gender Unknown
Street Address No. 33 Leadenhall Street
City London
Start Date 1790
End Date 1802


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Printer Laurentia. A novel. In two volumes. Sabina 1790
Publisher Charlotte. A tale of truth. In two volumes. ... Rowson, Susanna 1791
Publisher Danish massacre: an historic fact. By the author of Monmouth, a tale. In two volumes. ... Mackenzie, Anna Maria 1791
Publisher Mentoria; or The young lady's friend. In two volumes. By Mrs. Rowson, author of Victoria, &c. &c. Rowson, Susanna 1791
Publisher The errors of education. In three volumes. By Mrs. Parsons. Dedicated (by permission) to the Right Hon. The Countess of Hillsborough. Parsons, Eliza 1791
Publisher The family party. In three volumes. ... Young, Mary Julia 1791
Publisher The lake of Windermere. A novel. In two volumes. ... By the editor of The letters of Maria. Street, Miss 1791
Printer Virginius and Virginia; a poem, in six parts. From the Roman history. By Mrs. Gunning. Dedicated to supreme fashion; but not by permission. Gunning, Susannah 1792
Publisher Anecdotes of the Delborough family. A novel. In five volumes. By Mrs. Gunning. Gunning, Susannah 1792
Publisher Anecdotes of the Delborough family. A novel. In five volumes. By Mrs. Gunning. Gunning, Susannah 1792
Publisher Ashton Priory. A Novel. In Three Volumes. By the Author of Benedicta and Powis Castle. Unknown 1792
Publisher Fitzroy; or, impulse of the moment. A novel. In two volumes. By Maria Hunter. ... Hunter, Maria 1792
Publisher The death of Abel. In five books. Attempted from the German of Mr. Gessner. A new edition. Collyer, Mary 1792
Publisher The Fille de Chambre, a novel, in three volumes, by the author of The Inquisitor, &c. &c. Rowson, Susanna 1792
Publisher The intrigues of a morning. In two acts. As performed at Covent Garden. By Mrs. Parsons, author of the errors of education, and miss Meredith, Parsons, Eliza 1792
Publisher Theodore, a domestic tale, in two volumes. Street, Miss 1792
Printer Massacre of the French King by which the unfortunte Louis XVI (late King of France) suffered on the Scaffold, January 21st, 1793. Harlow, Elizabeth 1793
Publisher A trip to Paris, in July and August, 1792 Harlow, Elizabeth 1793
Publisher Castle of Wolfenbach; a German story. In two volumes. By Mrs. Parsons, author of errors of education, Miss Meredith, woman as she should be, and intrigues of a morning. ... Parsons, Eliza 1793
Publisher Devout exercises of the heart, in meditation and soliloquy, prayer and praise. By the late pious and ingenious Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe. Reviewed and published, at her request, by I. Watts, D.D. Rowe, Elizabeth Singer 1793
Publisher Ellen and Julia. A novel in two volumes. By Mrs. Parsons. Author of Errors of Education, Woman as She Should Be, Intrigues of a Morning, and Castle of Wolfenbach. Parsons, Eliza 1793
Publisher Mental improvement for a young lady, on her entrance into the world; addressed to a favourite niece. Green, Sarah 1793
Publisher Mortimore Castle; a Cambrian tale. In two volumes. Howell, Ann 1793
Publisher Rosina: a novel. In five volumes. By the author of Delia, an interesting tale, in Four Volumes. ... Pilkington, Laetitia 1793
Publisher The advantages of education, or, the history of Maria Williams, a tale for misses and their mammas, by Prudentia Homespun, in two volumes. ... West, Jane 1793

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