ID 219
Name Andrew and Robert Spottiswoode [New Street Square]
Gender Unknown
Street Address New Street Square
City London
Start Date 1819
End Date 1832


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Printer Tales of the Imagination. By the author of The Bachelor and the Married Man, The Physiognomist, and Hesitation. In three volumes. Lester, Elizabeth B. 1820
Printer Tales of the Priory. By Mrs. Hofland. In Four Volumes. Hofland, Barbara 1820
Printer Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, Queen of Henry VIII. By Miss Benger. Author of Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton, John Tobin, &c. In Two Volumes. Benger, Elizabeth Ogilvy 1821
Printer The Pastor's Fire-Side, A Romance; In Four Volumes. By Miss Jane Porter, Author of Thaddeus of Warsaw, Sidney's Aphorisms, and The Scottish Chiefs. The Third Edition. Porter, Jane 1821
Printer The Village of Mariendorpt. A Tale. By Miss Anna Maria Porter, author of The Fast of St. Magdalen, Knight of St. John, &c. &c. &c. Porter, Anna Maria 1821
Printer A Tour in the Isle of Wight, in the Autumn of 1820. Currente Calamo. Unknown 1822
Printer Altorf; a Tragedy: By Frances Wright. Author of "Views of Society and Manners in America." As Represented in the Theatres of New York and Philadelphia. Wright, Frances 1822
Printer Ellen Fitzarthur: A Metrical Tale, in Five Cantos. Second Edition. Bowles, Caroline 1822
Printer Old Stories. By Miss Spence, author of "A Traveller's Tale," &c. &c. In Two Volumes. Spence, Elizabeth Isabella 1822
Printer Roche-Blanche; or, The Hunters of the Pyrenees. A Romance. By Miss Anna Maria Porter, author of "The Village of Mariendorpt," &c. In three volumes. Porter, Anna Maria 1822
Printer Tales of the Manor. By Mrs. Hofland. In Four Volumes. Hofland, Barbara 1822
Printer The Refugees, an Irish Tale. By the author of Correction, Decision, &c. &c. In three volumes. Harding, Anne Raikes 1822
Printer The Widow's Tale: and Other Poems. By the Author of Ellen Fitzarthur. Bowles, Caroline 1822
Printer A Collection of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors, Edited for the Benefit of a Friend, by Joanna Baillie. 1823
Printer How to be Rid of a Wife, and The Lily of Annandale: Tales, By Elizabeth Isabella Spence, author of "Letters from the North Highlands," "Old Stories," &c. &c. In two volumes. Spence, Elizabeth Isabella 1823
Printer Integrity. A Tale. By Mrs. Hofland, author of Tales of the Priory, Tales of the Manor, and A Son of a Genius, &c. &c. Hofland, Barbara 1823
Printer Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots. By Miss Benger, Author of "Memoirs of Anne Boleyn," "Mrs. Hamilton," &c. &c. In Two Volumes. Benger, Elizabeth Ogilvy 1823
Printer Self-Delusion; or, Adelaide d'Hauteroche: A Tale. By the author of "Domestic Scenes." In two volumes. Unknown 1823
Printer Country Belles; or, Gossips Outwitted. By Agnes Anne Barber. In three volumes. Barber, Agnes Anne 1824
Printer Duke Christian of Luneburg; or, Tradition from the Hartz. By Miss Jane Porter, author of "Thaddeus of Warsaw," &c. &c. &c. In three volumes. Porter, Jane 1824
Printer Ellen Ramsay. In Three Volumes. By Miss Hannah W. Moore. Moore, Miss Hannah W. 1824
Printer Journal of a Residence in Chile, during the year 1822,and a Voyage from Chile to Brazil in 1823. By Maria Graham. Callcott, Maria 1824
Printer Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, and Residence There. During part of the years 1821, 1822, 1823. By Maria Graham. Callcott, Maria 1824
Printer Lasting Impressions: A Novel, in three volumes. By Mrs. Joanna Carey. Carey, Joanna 1824
Printer Memoirs, Anecdotes, Facts, and Opinions, Collected and Preserved by Laetitia-Matilda Hawkins. In Two Volumes. Hawkins, Laetitia-Matilda 1824

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