ID 2645
Name Thomas Hookham and James Carpenter [New Bond Street]
Gender Male
Street Address 147 New Bond Street
City London
Start Date 1790
End Date 1792


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Bookseller The history of Georgina Neville; or, the disinterested orphan. A novel. In two volumes. Being the first literary attempt of a young lady. Dedicated, with permission, to the Hon. Lady Warren. Unknown, [Woman] 1791
Publisher Terentia; a novel. By the author of the Platonic Guardian, &c. In two volumes. Johnson, Mrs. 1791
Publisher The Female Geniad; a Poem. Inscribed to Mrs. Crespigny. By Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger, of Portsmouth; written at the age of thirteen. Benger, Elizabeth Ogilvy 1791
Publisher The Romance of the Forest: Interspersed with Some Pieces of Poetry. By the Authoress of "A Sicilian romance," &c. In three volumes. Radcliffe, Ann 1791
Bookseller Virginius and Virginia; a poem, in six parts. From the Roman history. By Mrs. Gunning. Dedicated to supreme fashion; but not by permission. Gunning, Susannah 1792
Publisher Integrity and content, an allegory; &c. &c. &c. By Charlotte Palmer. Palmer, Charlotte 1792
Publisher It is, and it is not a novel. In two volumes. By Charlotte Palmer. ... Palmer, Charlotte 1792
Publisher Plans of education; with remarks on the systems of other writers. In a series of letters between Mrs. Darnford and her friends. By Clara Reeve. Reeve, Clara 1792
Publisher The Count De Hoensdern; a German tale. By the author of Constance, The Pharos, Argus, &c. &c. In three volumes. Mathews, Eliza Kirkham 1792
Publisher The Romance of the Forest: Interspersed With Some Pieces of Poetry. In Three Volumes. The Second edition. By Ann Radcliffe, Author of ``a Sicilian-Romance,'' &c. Radcliffe, Ann 1792
Bookseller Simple facts; or, the history of an orphan. In two volumes. By Mrs. Mathews. ... Mathews, Mrs. 1793
Bookseller A selection from the Annals of virtue, of Madame Sillery: containing the Most Important and Interesting Anecdotes from the histories of Spain, Portugal, China, Japan, and America: With some Account of the Manners, Customs, Arts and Sciences of France. Translated from the French by Elizabeth Mary James. du Crest de Saint-Aubin, Stéphanie Félicité 1794
Bookseller The brothers: a novel, for children: addressed to every good mother, and humbly dedicated to the Queen. Andrews, Eliza 1794
Publisher The romance of the forest: interspersed with some pieces of poetry. In three volumes. ... . The fourth edition. By Ann Radcliffe, author of ``a Sicilian Romance,'' &c. Radcliffe, Ann 1794
Bookseller Most Humbly Dedicated to the Queen. The prophecies of Brothers confuted, from divine authority. By Mrs. Williams, Of New Store-Street, Bedford-Square. Williams, Eliza 1795
Bookseller A narrative of the sufferings of Louise Francoise de Houssay, de Bannes, who served in the army as a volunteer, from 1792, to July 21, 1795; when she was made a prisoner at Quiberon, with her examination at Vannes, from whence she made her escape, the day before that which was appointed for her execution. Translated from the manuscript of the author. de Bannes, Louise Françoise de Houssay 1796
Publisher Address to a young lady on her entrance into the world. In two volumes. Nicklin, Susan 1796

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