ID 2781
Name John Exshaw I [Cork Hill]
Gender Unknown
Street Address Bible, Cork Hill
City Dublin
Start Date 1745
End Date 1754


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Bookseller The antient and present state of the county and city of Cork, in four books. I. Containing, the antient names of the territories and inhabitants, with the civil and ecclesiastical division thereof, II. The topography of the county and city of Cork, III. The civil history of the county, IV. The natural history of the same. The whole illustrated by remarks on the baronies, parishes, towns, villages, seats, mountains, rivers, medicinal waters, fossils, animals and vegetables ; together with a new hydrographical description of the sea coasts. To which are added, curious notes and observations, relating to the erecting and improvement of several arts and manufactures, either neglected or ill prosecuted in this county. Embellished with new and correct maps of the county and city; perspective views of the chief towns, and other copper-plates. Published with the approbation of the Physico-Historical Society. By Charles Smith. Reilly , Alice (Printer)
Smith , Charles (Author)
Publisher The life of Harriot Stuart. Written by herself. In two volumes. Lennox , Charlotte (Author)
Publisher A Bold Stroke for a Wife. A Comedy. By the author of the Busie-Body and the Gamester. Centlivre , Susanna (Author)
Publisher Friendship in death; in twenty letters from the dead to the living. To which are added, letters moral and entertaining. In prose and verse. In three parts. By Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe. With the Author's Life prefixt; And other additions. Rowe , Elizabeth Singer (Author)
Publisher Miss Mary Blandy's own account of the affair between her and Mr. Cranstoun, from the commencement of their acquaintance, in the year 1746, to the death of her father, in August, 1751. With all the circumstances leading to that unhappy event. To which is added, an appendix, containing copies of some original letters now in possession of the editor. Together with an exact relation of her behaviour, while under sentence; and a copy of the declaration signed by herself, in the presence of two clergymen, two days before her execution. Published at her dying request. Blandy , Mary (Author)
Publisher An essay on the art of ingeniously tormenting; with proper rules for the exercise of that pleasant art. Humbly addressed, in the first part, to the master, husband, &c. in the second part, to the wife, friend, &c. With some general instructions for plaguing all your acquaintance. Collier , Jane (Author)
Publisher The new art of cookery, made plain and easy; which far exceeds any thing of the kind ever yet published; ... By a lady. Glasse , Hannah (Author)
Publisher The Rehearsal: or, Bays in Petticoats. A comedy in two acts. As it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. Written by Mrs. Clive. The music composed by Dr. Boyce. Clive , Catherine (Author)
Boyce , William (Composer)
Printer The new art of cookery, made plain and easy; which far exceeds any thing of the kind ever yet published; ... By H. Glasse. Glasse , Hannah (Author)

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