ID 27
Name John Exshaw I [Dame Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address Bible, Dame Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1754
End Date 1776


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Barford abbey, a novel: in a series of letters. In two volumes. Gunning , Susannah (Author)
Publisher The works of the author of the Night-thoughts. Volume the fifth. Young , Edward (Author)
Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher The exemplary mother: or, letters between Mrs. Villars and her family. Published by a lady. From the originals in her possession. In two volumes. Cooper , Maria Susanna (Author)
Publisher The history of Emily Montague. In four volumes. By the author of Lady Julia Mandeville. ... Brooke , Frances (Author)
Publisher The new Clarissa: a true history. By Madame de Beaumont. ... Leprince de Beaumont , Jeanne-Marie (Author)
Publisher Two Novels: In Letters. By the authors of Henry and Frances. In four volumes. Griffith , Richard (Author)
Griffin , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Midas; an English burletta. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal, in Covent-Garden. O'Hara , Kane (Author)
Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher Memoirs of the Marquis de St. Forlaix. Translated from the French of Mons. Framery. By Mrs. Brooke. Framéry , Nicolas-Étienne (Author)
Brooke , Frances (Translator)
Publisher Almida, a Tragedy. As it is Performed at the Theatre Royal, in Drury-Lane. By a Lady. Arouet , Francois-Marie (Voltaire) (Author)
Celesia , Dorothea (Author)
Celesia , Dorothea (Translator)
Publisher The history of female favourites. Of Mary de Padilla, under Peter the Cruel, King of Castile; Livia, under the Emperor Augustus; Julia Farnesa, under Pope Alexander the Sixth; Agnes Soreau, under Charles Vii. King of France; and Nantilda, under Dagobert, King of France. de la Roche-Guihen , Anne (Author)
Publisher The history of Miss Indiana Danby. In two volumes. ... Unknown , (Author)
Printer A Bold Stroke for a Wife. A Comedy. By the author of The Busy-Body and The Gamester. Centlivre , Susanna (Author)
Publisher Letters on the improvement of the mind. Addressed to a young lady. In two volumes. Chapone , Hester Mulso (Author)
Publisher The rambles of Mr. Frankly. Published by his sister. In two volumes. Bonhote , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher The history of Emily Montague. In four volumes. By the author of Lady Julia Mandeville. ... Brooke , Frances (Author)
Printer The Polite Lady: or, a Course of female education. In a series of letters, from a mother to her daughter. Fourth edition. Allen , Charles (Author)

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