ID 2944
Name Dillon Chamberlaine [College Green]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 5 College Green
City Dublin
Start Date 1776
End Date 1780


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Letters from Italy, describing the manners, customs, antiquities, paintings, &c. of that country, in the years MDCCLXX and MDCCLXXI, to a friend residing in France. By an English woman. In three volumes. Riggs-Miller , Anna (Author)
Publisher Moral tales. Translated from the French of Mde Le Prince de Beaumont. In two volumes. Leprince de Beaumont , Jeanne-Marie (Author)
Publisher The Runaway, a Comedy: as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Cowley , Hannah (Author)
Publisher The school for husbands. Written by a lady. In two volumes. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher The Excursion. In two volumes. By Mrs. Brooke, author of the History of Lady Julia Mandeville, and of Emily Montague. Brooke , Frances (Author)
Hallhead , Sarah (Publisher)
Publisher The history of Miss Temple. In two volumes. By a young lady. Rogers , A. (Author)
Publisher The mutability of human life; or memoirs of Adelaide, Marchioness of Melville. By a lady. In two volumes. ... Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher An essay on the writings and genius of Shakespear, compared with the Greek and French dramatic poets. With some remarks upon the misrepresentations of Mons. de Voltaire. Montagu , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Evelina; or, A young lady's entrance into the world. In Two Volumes. Burney , Frances (Author)
Publisher Evelina; or, a young lady's entrance into the world. In two volumes. The second edition. Burney , Frances (Author)
Publisher An easy introduction to the knowledge of nature, and reading the Holy scriptures; adapted to the capacities of children. To which is added an essay on female education. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Publisher The new peerage: or, our eyes may deceive us. A comedy. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Written by Miss Harriet Lee. Lee , Harriet (Author)

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