ID 3309
Name John Jones [Grafton Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 111 Grafton Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1787
End Date 1796


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Printer I'll Tell You What. A Comedy, in five acts, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. By Mrs. Inchbald. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1787
Publisher A School for Greybeards; or, The Mourning Bride: a Comedy, in five acts. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. By Mrs. Cowley. Cowley, Hannah 1787
Publisher The Midnight Hour; or, War of Wits. A Farce, in two acts. Translated from the French. "Ruse Contre Ruse; ou, La Guerre Ouverte." Represented seventy successive nights at Paris. And now performing with universal applause. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1787
Publisher Ela: or the delusions of the heart. A tale, founded on facts. Burke, Anne 1788
Publisher Emilia de St. Aubigne, a novel, by the author of Ela, or the delusions of the heart. Burke, Anne 1788
Publisher Features from life; or, a summer visit. By the author of George Bateman, and Maria. In two volumes. ... Blower, Elizabeth 1788
Publisher Julia de Gramont, by the Right Honourable lady H****. In two volumes. Turner, Cassandra 1788
Publisher Letters to and from the Late Samuel Johnson, LL.D. to which are added, some poems never before printed. Published from the original MSS. in her possession, by Hester Lynch Piozzi. In two volumes. Piozzi, Hester Lynch Thrale 1788
Publisher Such Things Are. A play. In five acts. As performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. By Mrs. Inchbald. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1788
Publisher The Fate of Sparta: or, The Rival Kings. A Tragedy. As it is acted at the Tehatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane. By Mrs. Cowley. Cowley, Hannah 1788
Publisher The new peerage: or, our eyes may deceive us. A comedy. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Written by Miss Harriet Lee. Lee, Harriet 1788
Publisher The parental monitor. In two volumes. By Mrs. Bonhote Bonhote, Elizabeth 1788
Publisher The Ton; or, Follies of Fashion. A Comedy. As it was acted at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. By Lady Wallace. Wallace, Eglantine 1788
Publisher A journey through the Crimea to Constantinople. In a series of letters from the Right Honourable Elizabeth Lady Craven, to his serene Highness the Margrave of Brandebourg, Anspach, and Bareith. Written in the year MDCCLXXXVI. Craven, Elizabeth 1789
Publisher Agnes de-Courci: a domestic tale. In two volumes. ... By Mrs. Bennett, ... Bennett, Anna Maria 1789
Publisher Belinda, or the fair fugitive. A novel. By Mrs. C-. Dedicated to Her Grace the Duchess of Marlborough. 1789
Publisher Emmeline, the orphan of the castle. By Charlotte Smith. In two volumes. Smith, Charlotte Turner 1789
Publisher Family sketches; a novel. In two volumes. Written by a lady. Unknown, [Woman] 1789
Publisher The castle of Mowbray, an English romance. By the author of St. Bernard's priory. Hugill, Martha 1789
Publisher The son of Ethelwolf: an historical tale. By the author of Alan Fitz-Osborne, &c. Fuller, Anne 1789
Publisher Delia, a pathetic and interesting tale. In two volumes. ... Pilkington, Laetitia 1790
Publisher Dinarbas; a tale: being a continuation of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia. Knight, Ellis Cornelia 1790
Publisher Ethelinde: or, The recluse of the lake. By Charlotte Smith. In three volumes. Smith, Charlotte Turner 1790
Publisher Euphemia. By Mrs. Charlotte Lennox. In four volumes. ... Lennox, Charlotte 1790
Publisher Julia, a novel; interspersed with some poetical pieces. By Helen Maria Williams. In two volumes. ... Williams, Helen Maria 1790

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