ID 3457
Name William Clowes [Northumberland Court]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 7 Northumberland Court, Charing Cross
City London
Start Date 1807
End Date 1827


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer An Authentic Narrative of the Causes Which Led to the Death of Major Andre, Adjutant-General of the Majesty's Forces in North America. By Joshua Hett Smith, Esq. Counsellor at law, late member of the convention of the state of New York. To Which is Added a Monody on the Death of Major Andre. By Miss Seward. Seward , Anna (Author)
Smith , Joshua Hett (Author)
Mathews , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Printer The Crescent, a National Poem. To Commemorate the Glorious Victory at Algiers. By Mrs. McMullan, relict of W. McMullan, Esq., M.D., Royal Navy. McMullan , Maryanne (Author)
Printer The Naiad's Wreath. By Mrs. McMullan. McMullan , Maryanne (Author)
Printer Private memoirs, which, with the work of M. Hue, and the Journal of Clery, complete the history of the captivity of the royal family of France in the Temple. Translated from the French, with notes by the translator. Unknown , (Translator)
Angoulême , Marie-Thérèse Charlotte (Author)
Audot , Louis-Eustache (Editor)
Printer Britain; or, Fragments of Poetical Aberration. By Mrs. M'Mullan. McMullan , Maryanne (Author)
Printer Sketches Descriptive of Italy in the Years 1816 and 1817 with a Brief Account of Travels in Various Parts of France and Switzerland in the Same Years. In Four Volumes. Watts , Jane Waldie (Author)
Printer Stanzas to the Memory of the Late King. By Mrs. Hemans. Hemans , Felicia (Author)
Printer Zelica, the Creole; A Novel, by an American. In three volumes. Sansay , Leonora (Author)
Printer A Selection of Welsh Melodies, with Symphonies and Accompaniements by John Parry and characteristic words by Mrs Hemans. Hemans , Felicia (Author)
Parry , John (Composer)
Printer The Vespers of Palermo. A Tragedy, in Five Acts Hemans , Felicia (Author)
Printer Excursions in Madeira and Porto Santo, during the Autumn of 1823, While on His Third Voyage to Africa; by the Late T. Edward Bowdich, Esq. Conductor of the Mission to Ashantee, Honorary Member of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, and Member of Various Other Learned Societies Both Foreign and Domestic. To Which Is Added, by Mrs. Bowdich, I. A Narrative of the Continuance of the Voyage to Its Completion, Together with the Subsequent Occurrences from Mr. Bowdich’s Arrival in Africa to the Period of His Death. II. A Description of the English Settlements on the River Gambia. III. Appendix: Containing Zoological and Botanical Descriptions, and Translations from the Arabic. Illustrated by Sections, Views, Costumes, and Zoological Figures. Lee , Sarah Bowdich (Author)
Printer Legends of the North, or, the Feudal Christmas; a Poem. By Mrs. Henry Rolls, Authoress of "Sacred Sketches," "Moscow," "The Home of Love," and Other Poems. Rolls , Mary (Author)
Printer Richelieu; or, The Broken Heart. An Historical Tale. Gore , Catherine Grace Frances (Author)

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