ID 4059
Name Samuel Powell [Crane Lane]
Gender Male
Street Address Crane Lane, near Essex Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1725
End Date 1762
Related Firms Samuel Powell and Son
Samuel Powell [Dame Street]


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer The gamester. A comedy. Written by Mrs. Centlivre. Centlivre , Susanna (Author)
Printer The wonder: a woman keeps a secret. A comedy. Written by the author of the Gamester. Centlivre , Susanna (Author)
Printer A tale being an addition to Mr. Gay's fables. Barber , Mary (Author)
Printer A new-Year's-Gift, being, advice from a mother to her son and daughter. Written originally in French by the Marchioness De Lambert, and just publish'd with great Approbation at Paris. Done into English by a Gentleman. de Courcelles , Anne Thérèse de Marguenat (Author)
Unknown , [Man] (Translator)
Printer Letters moral and entertaining, in prose and verse. By the author of Friendship in Death. ... Rowe , Elizabeth Singer (Author)
Printer Friendship in death, in twenty letters from the dead to the living. To which are added, letters moral and entertaining, in prose and verse. In three parts. By the same hand. The fifth edition, to which is added, the author's juvenile poems, with some account of her life. Rowe , Elizabeth Singer (Author)
Printer The history of a fair Greek, who was taken out of a seraglio at Constantinople, and brought to Paris by a late embassador at the Ottoman port: interspersed with the surprising adventures of several other slaves. By Abbot Provost, almoner to His Serene Highness the Prince of Conti. In two volumes. Provost , Abbot (Author)
Reilly , Alice (Printer)
Publisher News from Parnassus, or, political advice from the nine muses, to His Grace, the D----- of B-----d. A poem. By Miss Charlotte Mc.Carthy McCarthy , Charlotte (Author)
Printer A series of genuine letters between Henry and Frances. The second edition, revised, corrected, enlarged, and improved, by the authors. Griffith , Elizabeth (Author)

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