ID 4679
Name John Sharpe [Piccadilly]
Gender Unknown
Street Address Piccadilly
City London
Start Date 1817
End Date 1822


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher English Comedy: A Collection of the Most Celebrated Dramas, Since the Commencement of the Reformation of the Stage by Sir Richard Steele and Colley Cibber. Sheridan , Frances Chamberlaine (Author)
Goldsmith , Oliver (Author)
Garrick , David (Author)
and 15 more.
Publisher Conversations, Introducing Poetry Chiefly on Subjects of Natural History, For the Use of Young Persons Smith , Charlotte Turner (Author)
Publisher Fabulous histories. Designed for the instruction of children, respecting their treatment of animals. By Mrs Trimmer. The two volumes comprised in one. Tenth edition. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Publisher Friendly Labours, or, Tales and dramas for the amusement and instruction of youth. By Lucy Peacock, Author of The Adventures of the Six Princesses of Babylon, Visit for a Week, &c. &c. In two volumes. Peacock , Lucy (Author)
Publisher The adventures of a pincushion: designed chiefly for the use of young ladies. In two volumes. Vol. II. Kilner , Mary Ann (Author)
Publisher The happy family, or, Memoirs of Mr. and Mrs. Norton : intended to show the delightful effects of filial obedience. Kilner , Mary Ann (Author)
Publisher The Maid of the Cyprus Isle, and Other Poems. By Louisa S. Costello. Costello , Louisa Stuart (Author)
Publisher The Maid of the Cyprus Isle, and Other Poems. By Louisa S. Costello. Second Edition. Costello , Louisa Stuart (Author)
Publisher The Ruby Ring; or, The Transformations. By Eliza Lucy Leonard. Leonard , Eliza Lucy (Author)
Publisher Familiar dialogues for the instruction and amusement of children of four and five years old. Kilner , Mary Ann (Author)
Publisher Mamma's stories read by herself to her little girl. Broome , Charlotte Ann (Author)
Publisher The holiday present: containing anecdotes of Mr. and Mrs. Jennet and their little family; viz. Master George, Master Charles, Master Thomas, Miss Maria, Miss Charlotte, & Miss Harriet: interspersed with instructive and amusing stories and observations. By M.P. Kilner , Dorothy (Author)
Publisher Elizabeth; or, The exiles of Siberia. A tale, founded upon facts. From the French of Madame Cottin. Cottin , Sophie (Author)
Publisher A natural history of birds: intended chiefly for young persons. By Mrs. Charlotte Smith; in two volumes. Smith , Charlotte Turner (Author)
Publisher Paul and Virginia. Translated from the French of Bernardin Saint-Pierre by Helen Maria Williams. de Saint-Pierre , Jacques-Henri Bernardin (Author)
Williams , Helen Maria (Translator)
Publisher The life and perambulation of a mouse. By M.P.; in two volumes. Kilner , Dorothy (Author)
Publisher Elizabeth; or, the Exiles of Siberia. a Tale, Founded Upon Facts. From the French of Madame Cottin. The original translation revised and corrected. Cottin , Sophie Ristaud (Author)
Unknown , (Translator)
Publisher Letters on the Improvement of the Mind. Addressed to a Lady. By Mrs. Chapone. Chapone , Hester Mulso (Author)

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