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Name Carey, Lea, and Blanchard
Gender Unknown
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Publisher Emma: a Novel in Two Volumes. By Miss Austen, Author of Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, &c., &c. Austen , Jane (Author)
Publisher Memoirs of the Court of King Charles the First. By Lucy Aikin. In two volumes. Aikin , Lucy (Author)
Publisher The Repealers. A novel. By the Countess of Blessington. Gardiner , Marguerite (Author)
Publisher Tour in England, Ireland, and France, in the Years 1828 & 1829; with Remarks on the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants, and Anecdotes of Distinguished Public Characters. In a Series of Letters by a German Prince. Austin , Sarah (Translator)
von Pückler-Muskau , Hermann Ludwig Heinrich (Author)
Publisher Belgium and Western Germany in 1833. Including Visits to Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden, Cassel, Hanover, the Harz Mountains, &c. &c. By Mrs. Trollope, Author of “Domestic Manners of the Americans.” Trollope , Frances (Author)
Publisher Helen, a tale. By Maria Edgeworth. In two volumes. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Publisher Traits and Traditions of Portugal, Collected During a Residence in that Country. By Miss Pardoe. In Two Volumes. Pardoe , Julia S. H. (Author)
Publisher Journal by Frances Anne Butler. In Two Volumes. Kemble , Fanny (Author)
Publisher Slight Reminiscences of the Rhine, Switzerland, and a Corner of Italy. "Men Should Make Diaries," said a wise counsellor, and women fancy that they should do the same. In Two Volumes. Boddington , Mary Teresa (Author)
Publisher Tales and Sketches by Miss Sedgwick, Author of "The Linwoods," "Hope Leslie," &c. &c. Sedgwick , Catharine Maria (Author)
Publisher The Poetry of Life. By Sarah Stickney, Author of "Pictures of Private Life." In Two Volumes. Ellis , Sarah Stickney (Author)
Publisher England in 1835: Letters Written to Friends in Germany, During a Residence in London and Excursions into the Provinces: by Frederick Von Raumer, Professor of History and the University of Berlin, Author of the 'History of the Hohenstaufen;' of the 'History of Europe from the end of the Fifteenth Century;' of "Illustrations of the History of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries,' ETC. ETC. Translated from the German by Sarah Austin and H.E. Lloyd. Austin , Sarah (Translator)
von Raumer , Friedrich Ludwig Georg (Author)
Lloyd , Hannibal Evans (Translator)
Publisher Scenes and Characteristics of Hindostan, with Sketches of Anglo-Indian Society. By Emma Roberts, Author of "Memoirs of the Rival House of York and Lancaster," "Oriental Scenes," &c. &c. In Two Volumes. Roberts , Emma (Author)
Publisher The confessions of an elderly gentleman. Illustrated by six female portraits, from highly finished drawings by E.T. Parris. By the Countess of Blessington. Gardiner , Marguerite (Author)
Parris , Edmund Thomas (Illustrator)
Holl , William (Engraver)
and 2 more.
Publisher The Devoted. By the Authoress of the "Disinherited," "Flirtation," &c. In Two Volumes. Bury , Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell (Author)

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