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, Aesop. Fabulae Aesopi selectae, or Select fables of Aesop; with an English translation, more literal than any yet extant, designed for the readier instruction of beginners in the Latin tongue. By H. Clarke, teacher of the Latin language. Philadelphia: Bennett & Walton, C. & A. Conrad & Co., B. B. Hopkins & Co., Johnson & Warner, Mathew Carey [121 Chesnut Street], Thomas and William Bradford, Edward Earle, 1810.
Klopstock, Margaret and Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock. Memoirs of Frederick and Margaret Klopstock. Translated from the German. Philadelphia: Philip H. Nicklin and Co., Farrand, Mallory and Co., Jacob Green, Edward Earle, B. B. Hopkins & Co., 1810.
More, Hannah. The works of Hannah More, including several pieces never before published. Philadelphia: Edward Earle, Eastburn, Kirk and Co., 1813.