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Sprat , T. (1722). Sermons preached on several occasions. by the right reverend father in god, thomas sprat, d. d. late lord bishop of rochester, and dean of westminster. London: Rebecca Bonwicke. John Walthoe II. Richard Wilkin. Benjamin Tooke II. John Ward. Elizabeth Nutt [Royal Exchange]
Douglas , A. (1732). The countess of moreton's daily exercise: or, a book of prayers and rules how to spend the time in the service and pleasure of almighty god. the twenty-second edition. London: John Walthoe II. James, John, and Paul Knapton. Robert Knaplock. Richard Wilkin. Daniel Midwinter and Aaron Ward. Arthur Bettesworth. Joseph Downing. James and James Bonwicke. Ranew Robinson. William Mears [Ludgate Hill] Robert Gosling. William Innys [St. Paul's] Benjamin Motte. Thomas Ward. Samuel Birt. Daniel Browne II. M. Wyat. Christiana Bowyer.