There are 25 titles associated with this firm.

Cottin, Sophie. Elizabeth; or, The exiles of Siberia: a tale, founded upon facts. From the French of Madame Cottin. Philadelphia: Mathew Carey [121 Chesnut Street], 1811.
Goldsmith, Oliver. The Grecian history, from the earliest state to the death of Alexander the Great by Dr. Goldsmith. Two volumes in one. Sixth American edition. Philadelphia: Mathew Carey [121 Chesnut Street], Bennett & Walton, B. B. Hopkins & Co., Thomas and William Bradford, C. & A. Conrad & Co., Kimber and Conrad, 1813.
Purdon, John, and Paul Beck. The rectifier, or A survey of the streets of the city of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: 1813.
The Youth's primer; or, A first book for children. Philadelphia: David Hogan [Market Street], 1815.