ID 6996
Name James Holland
Gender Male
Street Address Bible and Ball in St Paul's Churchyard
City London
Start Date 1702
End Date 1725
Sources British Book Trade Index 34421


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller Of the first invention of writing. An essay. Compendiously treating of the whole art. More particularly; of letters, their number, order, and of how many variations capable: of their first invention; by ancient Writers ascribed to Adam himself; and for what Reasons. Of Short-Hand. Of Secret Writing, Decypherable by the Key. Of Arithmetick, &c. Of the Improvement of Writing, at Home and in Foreign Parts: With an Historical Account of the most Eminent Professors of the Art. Also Maxims for attaining Perfection in It; and Observations on the Extensive Use and Application of It. Interspers'd with diverting History and Poetical Entertainments on the Subject. Whereunto are added, several pieces of the hands in use, not before published. By Robert More, Writing-Master and Accomptant, At the Golden Pen in Castle Street near the Mews Charing-Cross. More , Robert (Author)
Dodd I , Anne (Bookseller)
Bookseller A supplement to the New version of Psalms by Dr. Brady and Mr. Tate; ... The eighth edition, corrected. With the addition of Plain instructions .. Unknown , (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Bookseller A supplement to the new version of Psalms by Dr. Brady and Mr. Tate; containing the Psalms in particular measures; the usual hymns, Creed, Lord's Prayers, Ten Commandments, for the Holy Sacraments, &c. with Gloria Patr's, and Tunes (Treble and Bass) proper to each of them, and all the rest of the Psalms. The seventh edition, corrected. With the addition of plain instructions for all those who are desirous to learn or Improve themselves in Psalmody; near Thirty new tunes, composed by several of the best masters; and a Table of Psalms suited to Feasts and Fasts of the Church, &c. With Tables of all the Psalms of New, Old, and Dr. Patrick's Versions, directing what Tunes are fitted for each Psalm. The whole being a compleat psalmody. Useful for teachers and Learners of either Version. Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Unknown , (Author)

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