Geoname ID 2646057
Name Ipswich
Titles 14
Firms 14
People Born: 6, Died: 4

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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
5234 A new history of the Holy Bible. By a lady. Unknown, [Woman]
7732 A supplement to "Songs in the night." Harrison, Susannah
10195 Cliff Valentines, 1813. Cobbold, Elizabeth
1813 1
10197 Cliff Valentines, 1814. Cobbold, Elizabeth
1814 1
12638 Effusions of Genius. By the late Rebecca Ribbans. Ribbans, Rebecca
1829 1
6624 Elegies and Other Small Poems, by Matilda Betham. Betham, Mary Matilda
1797 1
482 Ode on the Victory of Waterloo. By Elizabeth Cobbold. Cobbold, Elizabeth
John Deck [Bury] (Bury)
William Keymer (Colchester)
10148 Poems by Eliza Acton Acton, Eliza
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown (London)
John Loder (Woodbridge)
Edward Shalders (Ipswich)
Robert Deck (Ipswich)
Cowell (Ipswich)
Stephen Piper (Ipswich)
John Deck [Bury] (Bury)
George Hardacre (Hadleigh)
John Stacy (Norwich)
1826 1
8310 Poems by Mrs. Elizabeth Cobbold, With a Memoir of the Author. Cobbold, Elizabeth
1825 2
113 Poems by Mrs. Elizabeth Cobbold. With a Memoir of the Author Cobbold, Elizabeth
John Raw (Ipswich)
1825 1
614 Poetical Attempts, by Ann Candler, a Suffolk Cottager; with a short narrative of her life. Candler, Ann
John Raw (Ipswich)
1803 1
7733 Songs in the night; by a young woman under heavy afflictions. The fourth edition; with a supplement. Harrison, Susannah
Punchard & Jermyn (Ipswich)
1788 4
656 The Chaplet. Poems, partly original and partly selected from the most approved authors; Embellished with two elegant Engravings, from Designs by R. K. Porter, Esq. 1805
8981 The Sisters; A Domestic Tale, by the author of The Officer's Widow and Family; Clergyman's Widow and Family; Little Dramas, &c. &c. Hofland, Barbara
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown (London)
1813 1