ID 3330
Last Name Cumberland
First Name Richard
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1732-02-19
Date of Death 1811-05-07
Place of Birth Cambridge
Place of Death London
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Role Title Date
Author The summer's tale. A musical comedy of three acts. As it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden. 1766
Author A Selection of the most esteemed plays performed at the theatre in Boston. 1794
Author Bell's British Theatre. Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays. 1797
Author The Parnassian Garland; or, beauties of modern poetry : consisting of upwards of two hundred pieces, selected from the works of the most distinguished poets of the present age. With introductory lines to each article. Designed for the use of schools and the admirers of poetry in general. By John Evans, A. M. Master of a seminary for a limited number of pupils, Pullin's Row, Islington. 1807
Author The British Theatre; or, A collection of plays, which are acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket. Printed under the authority of the managers from the prompt books. With critical and biographical remarks, by Mrs. Inchbald. In twenty-five volumes. 1808
Author The West Indian; a comedy, in five acts; by Richard Cumberland, Esq. As performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, and Boston Theatre. With remarks by Mrs. Inchbald. 1809
Author English Comedy: A Collection of the Most Celebrated Dramas, Since the Commencement of the Reformation of the Stage by Sir Richard Steele and Colley Cibber. 1810
Author The Modern British Drama. In five volumes. 1811
Author The Modern Theatre; A Collection of Successful Modern Plays, as acted at the Theatres Royal, London. Printed from the prompt books under the authority of the managers. Selected by Mrs. Inchbald. In ten volumes. 1811
Author The Posthumous Dramatick Works of the late Richard Cumberland, Esq. In two volumes. 1813
Author The English Drama, with prefatory remarks, biographical sketches, and notes, critical and explanatory; being the only edition existing which is faithfully marked with the stage business and stage directions, as performed at the Theatres Royal. Edited by W. Oxberry, Comedian. 1818
Author Ballantyne's Novelist's Library 1821
Author The London Stage; a collection of the most reputed tragedies, comedies, operas, melo-dramas, farces, and interludes. Accurately printed from acting copies, as performed at the Theatres Royal, and carefully collated and revised. 1824
Author Cumberland's British Theatre, with remarks, biographical and critical. Printed from the acting copies, as performed at the Theatres Royal, London. 1829

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