ID 13467
Title The Modern British Drama. In five volumes.
Contributors Brooke, Frances (Author); Shakespeare, William (Author); Hughes, John (Author); Centlivre, Susanna (Author); Goldsmith, Oliver (Author); Steele, Richard (Author); Brooke, Henry (Author); Walpole, Horace (Author); Cumberland, Richard (Author); Garrick, David (Author); Milton, John (Author); Murphy, Arthur (Author); Dryden, John (Author); Sheridan, Richard Brinsley (Author); Colman, George (the elder) (Author); Jonson, Ben (Author); Lee, Nathaniel (Author); Congreve, William (Author); Dodsley, Robert (Author); Rowe, Nicholas (Author); Home, John (Author); Addison, Joseph (Author); Whitehead, William (Author); Philips, Ambrose (Author); Jones, Henry (Author); Fielding, Henry (Author); Bickerstaff, Isaac (Author); Beaumont, Francis (Author); Fletcher, John (Author); Cibber, Colley (Author); Young, Edward (Author); Otway, Thomas (Author); Wycherley, William (Author); Farquhar, George (Author); Thomson, James (Author); Lillo, George (Author); Vanbrugh, John (Author); Hartson, Hall (Author); Southerne, Thomas (Author); Havard, William (Author); Howard, Robert (Author); Hill, Aaron (Author); Miller, James (Author); Johnson, Samuel (Author); Fenton, Elijah (Author); Brown, John (Author); Villiers, George (Author); Hoadly, Benjamin (Author); Moore, Edward (Author); Foote, Samuel (Author); Glover, Richard (Author); Macklin, Charles (Author); Burgoyne, John (Author); O'Hara, Kane (Author); Gay, John (Author); Townley, James (Author); Carey, Henry (Author); Massinger, Philip (Author); Mason, William (Author); Franklin, Benjamin (Author)
Signed Author Vol. 1: By Shakespeare and Fletcher; Anonymous; By Beaumont and Fletcher; By Beaumont and Fletcher; By Beaumont and Fletcher; By Beaumont and Fletcher; By Beaumont and Fletcher; By Massinger; By Massinger and Field; By Ford; By Nathaniel Lee; By Nathaniel Lee; By Dryden; By Dryden; By Otway; By Otway; Altered from Southern; By Southern; By Congreve; By Rowe; By Rowe; By Rowe; By Rowe; By Addison; By Philips; By Hughes; Vol. 2: By Young; By Young; By Elijah Fenton; By Lillo; By Lillo; By Lillo, finished by Hoadly; By Hill; By Havard; By Brooke; By Miller; By Thornson; By Johnson; By Whitehead; By Mason; By Mason; By Moore; By Glover; By Jones; By Brown; By Home; By Dodsley; By Murphy; By Murphy; By Murphy; By Franklin; By Franklin; By Hartson; By Walpole; By Milton; By William MacDonald; Vol. 3: Altered from Ben Jonson; By Ben Jonson; By Ben Jonson; By Fletcher; Altered from Fletcher by the Duke of Buckingham; By Massinger; By Sir R. Howard; By George, Duke of Buckingham; Altered from Wycherley, by Garrick; By Wycherley; By Congreve; By Congreve; By Congreve; By Congreve; By Vanbrugh; By Vanbrugh; By Vanbrugh; By Vanbrugh & Cibber; By Dryden; By Cibber; By Cibber; By Cibber; Vol. 4: Altered by Bickerstaff, from Cibber; By Farquhar; By Farquhar; By Farquhar; By Farquhar; By Farquhar; By Steele; By Steele; By Steele; By Mrs. Centlivre; By Mrs. Centlivre; By Mrs. Centlivre; By Addison; By Henry Fielding; By Dr. Hoadly; By Murphy; Written in imitation of Shakespeare by W. Kenrick, LL.D.; By Geo. Colman; By G. Colman and D. Garrick; By Goldsmith; By Goldsmith; By Richard Cumberland; By Cumberland; By Sheridan; Vol. 5: By Milton, altered for the stage by Colman; By Otway; By Gay; By Carey; By Carey; By Fielding, altered by Kane O'Hara, Esq.; By Fielding; By Fielding; By Coffey; By Dodsley; By Dodsley; By Garrick; By Garrick; By Garrick; By Garrick; By Garrick; By Garrick; By Garrick; By Garrick; By Garrick; By Townley; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Foote; By Murphy; By Murphy; By Murphy; By Murphy; By Macklin; By Bickerstaff; By Bickerstaff; By Bickerstaff; By Bickerstaff and Foote; By Bickerstaff; By Colman; By O'Hara; By Burgoyne; By O'Hara; By Sheridan; By Mrs. Brooke
Firms William Miller [Albemarle Street] (Publisher); James Ballantyne and Co. (Printer)
Self-published No
Volumes 5
Date of Publication 1811
Edition Statement 1
Edition Number 1
Date of First Publication 1811
Imprint Printed for William Miller, Albemarle Street, by James Ballantyne and Co. Edinburgh.
Copyright Statement
Location of Printing London GB
Format unknown ()
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Genre Drama
Sources British Library 11783.bbb.41.
Shelfmarks BL 11783.bbb.41.
Notes Contributions by women: Vol. 4: The Busy Body by Mrs. Centlivre Vol. 4: The Wonder! A Woman Keeps a Secret. By Mrs. Centlivre. Vol. 4: A Bold Stroke for a Wife, by Mrs. Centlivre
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Brooke, Frances, et al. The Modern British Drama. In five volumes. London: William Miller [Albemarle Street], 1811.

Brooke, Frances, William Shakespeare, John Hughes, Susanna Centlivre, Oliver Goldsmith, Richard Steele, Henry Brooke, Horace Walpole, Richard Cumberland, David Garrick, John Milton, Arthur Murphy, John Dryden, Richard B. Sheridan, George (. e. Colman, Ben Jonson, Nathaniel Lee, William Congreve, Robert Dodsley, Nicholas Rowe, John Home, Joseph Addison, William Whitehead, Ambrose Philips, Henry Jones, Henry Fielding, Isaac Bickerstaff, Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher, Colley Cibber, Edward Young, Thomas Otway, William Wycherley, George Farquhar, James Thomson, George Lillo, John Vanbrugh, Hall Hartson, Thomas Southerne, William Havard, Robert Howard, Aaron Hill, James Miller, Samuel Johnson, Elijah Fenton, John Brown, George Villiers, Benjamin Hoadly, Edward Moore, Samuel Foote, Richard Glover, Charles Macklin, John Burgoyne, Kane O'Hara, John Gay, James Townley, Henry Carey, Philip Massinger, William Mason, and Benjamin Franklin. The Modern British Drama. In five volumes. London: William Miller [Albemarle Street], 1811.

@book{ wphp_13467
  author={Brooke,Frances and Shakespeare,William and Hughes,John and Centlivre,Susanna and Goldsmith,Oliver and Steele,Richard and Brooke,Henry and Walpole,Horace and Cumberland,Richard and Garrick,David and Milton,John and Murphy,Arthur and Dryden,John and Sheridan,Richard Brinsley and Colman,George (the elder) and Jonson,Ben and Lee,Nathaniel and Congreve,William and Dodsley,Robert and Rowe,Nicholas and Home,John and Addison,Joseph and Whitehead,William and Philips,Ambrose and Jones,Henry and Fielding,Henry and Bickerstaff,Isaac and Beaumont,Francis and Fletcher,John and Cibber,Colley and Young,Edward and Otway,Thomas and Wycherley,William and Farquhar,George and Thomson,James and Lillo,George and Vanbrugh,John and Hartson,Hall and Southerne,Thomas and Havard,William and Howard,Robert and Hill,Aaron and Miller,James and Johnson,Samuel and Fenton,Elijah and Brown,John and Villiers,George and Hoadly,Benjamin and Moore,Edward and Foote,Samuel and Glover,Richard and Macklin,Charles and Burgoyne,John and O'Hara,Kane and Gay,John and Townley,James and Carey,Henry and Massinger,Philip and Mason,William and Franklin,Benjamin},
  title={The Modern British Drama. In five volumes.},
  publisher={William Miller [Albemarle Street]},
  address={London},    }

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Brooke, Frances, Shakespeare, William, Hughes, John, Centlivre, Susanna, Goldsmith, Oliver, Steele, Richard, Brooke, Henry, Walpole, Horace, Cumberland, Richard, Garrick, David, Milton, John, Murphy, Arthur, Dryden, John, Sheridan, Richard Brinsley, Colman, George (the elder), Jonson, Ben, Lee, Nathaniel, Congreve, William, Dodsley, Robert, Rowe, Nicholas, Home, John, Addison, Joseph, Whitehead, William, Philips, Ambrose, Jones, Henry, Fielding, Henry, Bickerstaff, Isaac, Beaumont, Francis, Fletcher, John, Cibber, Colley, Young, Edward, Otway, Thomas, Wycherley, William, Farquhar, George, Thomson, James, Lillo, George, Vanbrugh, John, Hartson, Hall, Southerne, Thomas, Havard, William, Howard, Robert, Hill, Aaron, Miller, James, Johnson, Samuel, Fenton, Elijah, Brown, John, Villiers, George, Hoadly, Benjamin, Moore, Edward, Foote, Samuel, Glover, Richard, Macklin, Charles, Burgoyne, John, O'Hara, Kane, Gay, John, Townley, James, Carey, Henry, Massinger, Philip, Mason, William, Franklin, Benjamin. "The Modern British Drama. In five volumes." The Women's Print History Project, 2019, title ID 13467 Accessed 2021-05-09.

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