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Last Name Reilly
First Name Alice
Gender Female
Date of Birth
Date of Death 1778
Place of Birth
Place of Death
Related Firms Alice Reilly [Cork Hill]
Alice Reilly and Edward Exshaw
Alice Reilly [Temple Bar]
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Printer The antient and present state of the county of Down. Containing a chorographical description, with the natural and civil history of the same. Illustrated by observations made on the baronies, parishes, towns, villages, churches, abbeys, charter schools, mountains, rivers, lakes, medicinal and other springs, &c. With a survey of the new canal; as also, a new and correct map of the county. 1744
Printer The ax laid to the root of popery: or, A strong preservative against the Romish missionaries, who are extraordinarily busy, promising themselves numerous conversions among the ignorant; occasion'd by the schisms, impiety and atheism, so deplorably growing among us. With plain and easy reflections upon the articles of faith of the Church of Rome, sufficient to render the creed of Pope Pius IV. incredible. 1744
Printer The works of Sallust, translated into English. With political discourses upon that author. To which is added, a translation of Cicero's four orations against Catiline. 1744
Printer A draught by the heads of a bill to prevent frauds committed by bankrupts, &c. Prepared by the merchants and traders of the city of Dublin, and, by them, intended to be laid before the legislative power of this kingdom, the next session of Parliament. 1745
Printer A sermon preach'd at St. Andrew's, Dublin, before the Honourable House of Commons; on Tuesday, November the 5th, 1745. Being the anniversary day of Thanksgiving for the discovery of the Gun-Powder Plot: and also for the happy arrival of His late Majesty King William in England, for the deliverance of these nations. By Benjamin Barrington, M. A. Chancellor of the Cathedral Church of Down, and chaplin to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant. 1745
Printer A sermon preached on occasion of the present rebellion in Scotland, at the parish-church of St. James, Westminster, and the chapels belonging to it, October 6, 13, 1745. By Thomas, Lord Bishop of Oxford. Published at the request of the parishioners. 1745
Printer An introduction to the making of Latin, Comprising, after an easy, compendious method, the substance of the Latin syntax. With proper English examples, most of them translations from the classick authors, in one column, and the Latin words in another. To which is subjoin'd, in the same method, a succinct account of the affairs of antient Greece and Rome; intended at once to bring boys acquainted with history and the idiom of the Latin tongue; with rules for the gender of nouns. The fourteenth edition. By John Clarke, late master of the Publick Grammar-School in Hull. 1745
Printer The layman's sermon. Occasioned by the present rebellion; which was (or ought to have been) preach'd at St. Paul's Cross, on the 1st of October, 1745. 1745
Printer A brief account of the life and family of Miss Jenny Cameron, the reputed mistress of the Pretender's eldest son. Containing many very singular incidents. 1746
Printer A paraphrase with notes on the Epistle to the Romans. To which is prefix'd, a key to the Apostolic writings, or an essay to explain the gospel scheme, and the principal words and phrases the Apostles have used in describing it. By John Taylor, minister of the gospel in Norwich. 1746
Printer A Protestant catechism; shewing the principal errors of the church of Rome. Published by order of the Incorporated Society in Dublin, for promoting English Protestant schools in Ireland. The third edition. 1746
Printer A sermon preach'd at St. Anne's, Dublin, on Thursday the 9th of October, 1746. Being the day appointed for a general thanksgiving to Almighty God, for the suppression of the late unnatural rebellion, and deliverance of these kingdoms from the calamaties of an intestine war. By John Madden, D. D. Dean of Kilmore, and chaplain to His Excellency Phillip Earl of Chesterfield. 1746
Printer A sermon preached at Antrim, December 18, 1745. Being the national fast. By Alexander Maclaine M.A. 1746
Printer Memoirs of the life of Lord Lovat. 1746
Printer The antient and present state of the county and city of Waterford: Being a natural, civil, ecclesiastical, historical, and topographical description thereof. Illustrated by remarks made on the baronies, parishes, towns, villages, mountains, rivers, medicinal waters, fossils, animals and vegetables; with some hints relating to agriculture and other useful improvements. With several notes and observations. Together with new and correct maps of the city and county; and embellished with perspective views of the city of Waterford, and of the towns of Lismore and Dungarvan. Published with the approbation of the Physico-Historical Society. By Charles Smith. 1746
Printer The history of the present rebellion in Scotland. 1746
Printer The history of the rebellion raised against His Majesty King George II. From its rise in August 1745, to its happy extinction, by the glorious victory at Culloden, on the 16th of April, 1746. Illustrated with plans of the battles of Falkirk and Culloden. 1746
Printer The new week's preparation for a worthy receiving of the Lord's supper, as appointed and practised by the Church of England; consisting of meditations and prayers for the morning and evening of every day in the week. With forms of examination, and confession of sins: and meditations to enable us to live well after receiving the holy sacrament. The whole, being purified from those extatic and carnal expressions, which (in a former treatise upon this subject) have been long complained of, is now rendered a plain, orthodox, and reasonable service to almighty God. To which are added, a morning and evening prayer to be used either with a family, or in private. Likewise, Christ's sermon on the Mount, paraphras'd. 1746
Printer The works of Sir James Ware concerning Ireland revised and improved. Containing, the writers of Ireland. In two books. I. Of such writers who were born in Ireland. II. Of such writers, who, though foreigners, enjoyed preferments or offices in Ireland, or had their education in it. Written in latin by Sir James Ware, Knight; now newly translated into English, revised, and improved with many material addition; and continued down to the beginning of the present century. 1746
Printer The writers of Ireland. In two books ... Written in Latin by Sir James Ware, Knight; now newly translated into English, revised and improved ... and continued down to the beginning of the present century. 1746
Printer A sermon concerning the excellency and usefulness of the common prayer. Preached by William Beveridge, D.D. (late lord bishop of St. Asaph) at the opening of the Parish Church of St. Peter's Cornhill, London, the 27th of November, 1681. The thirty second edition. 1747
Printer A sermon on occasion of the death of Dr. Arbuckle preached at Wood-street, January, 4th, 1746-7. By James Duchal, M. A. 1747
Printer Memoirs of the life of Lord Lovat. 1747
Printer Observations on the history and evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. By Gilbert West, Esq; 1747
Printer Observations on the history and evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. By Gilbert West, Esq; the third edition. 1747

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