ID 9775
Title Tales of the Glen; by C. G. Ward, Author of the Daughter of St. Omar; My Native Land; Batchelor's Heiress, Corinna, &c. &c. Dedicated to Her Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth.
Contributors Ward, Catharine George (Author)
Signed Author C. G. Ward, author of "The Daughter of St. Omar," "My Native Land," "Batchelor's Heiress," "Corinna," etc.
Firms William Molineux (Printer); Charles Knight (Bookseller); J. Roach [Russell Court] (Bookseller); Hatchett (Bookseller)
Self-published Yes
Volumes 1
Pagination viii, 52
Date of Publication 1813
Edition Statement 1
Edition Number 1
Date of First Publication 1813
Imprint Printed for the author by W. Molineux, Clarendon Square, Somers Town; and sold by Roach, Russel Court, Drury Lane; Hatchett, Piccadilly; and C. Knight, Windsor.
Colophon W. Molineux, Printer, Clarendon Square.
Location of Printing London GB
Format unknown ()
Length (cm) 17
Width (cm) 10
Price (pound)
Price (shilling)
Price (pence)
Total Price (in pence)
Genre Poetry
Sources Jackson Bibliography (#1778)
Google Books (#
Shelfmarks BL
Notes subscription edition
Hand-Verified No
Attempted Verification No
Verified Yes

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