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At the age of eight, Frances Burney didn’t know her letters; at the age of ten, she penned a novel which is now lost, “The History of Caroline Evelyn”; at the age of eighteen, she was friends with Hester Thrale and Samuel Johnson; and at the age of twenty-six, she anonymously published Evelina, which, when her identity as the author was revealed soon after, thrust her into a writing career that would span decades and a fame that would last centuries (ODNB).

In the first episode of Season 2 of The WPHP Monthly Mercury, “Oh! those fashionable Burney novels!”, hosts Kate Moffatt and Kandice Sharren delve into the publication history of Frances Burney’s first two (and most popular) novels, Evelina (1778) and Cecilia (1782). Although both were regularly reprinted well into the nineteenth century, we recently realised that the WPHP was missing the post-1800 editions of these works (although it did already hold all of the editions of her two far less popular novels, Camilla (1796) and The Wanderer (1814) — thank goodness!). In this episode, we explore why these titles were missing and our subsequent task: creating an as-comprehensive-as-we-can-make-it bibliography of Frances Burney’s novels up to 1836. 

Join us as we share Burney’s writerly life story, the reception history of her works and their critical rise and fall, the challenges we faced in attempting to collect the bibliographic data for every edition of Burney’s works up until 1836, and what it is, exactly, that this kind of work can tell us — about a writer, about their reception history, about their publishers, and about the complexities of uncovering a full publication history even for a well-documented eighteenth-century woman author like Frances Burney.

To see all of the editions, check out Frances Burney’s person record, which lists and links to every Burney edition in the WPHP. We’ve also connected all of the title records for the editions of each individual work to one another; click the following titles to be taken to the title record of the first edition, where, at the bottom of each page, there is a “related titles” section that lists and links to all editions of that work in the WPHP: Evelina, Cecilia, Camilla, The Wanderer.

(If you know of any editions that we’re missing, feel free to get in touch!)


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Produced by: Kate Moffatt, Kandice Sharren, and Michelle Levy

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