ID 110
Name Richard Bentley
Gender Unknown
Street Address 8, New Burlington Street
City London
Start Date 1832
End Date


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Publisher Geraldine Hamilton; Or, Self-Guidance. A Tale. In Two Volumes. St. John, Isabella 1832
Publisher The Buccaneer. A Tale. In Three Volumes. Hall, Anna Maria 1832
Publisher The East India Sketch-Book: comprising an Account of the Present State of Society In Calcutta, Bombay, &c. In Two Volumes. Smith, Elizabeth Bruce Elton 1832
Publisher Constance. A Novel. In Three Volumes. Thomson, Katherine 1833
Publisher Emma: A Novel. By Jane Austen, author of "Sense and Sensibility," "Mansfield Park," &c. Austen, Jane 1833
Publisher Grace Cassidy; or, The Repealers. A Novel. By the Countess of Blessington. In Three Volumes. Gardiner, Marguerite 1833
Publisher Mansfield Park: A Novel. By Jane Austen, Author of "Sense and Sensibility," "Emma," &c. Austen, Jane 1833
Publisher Memoirs of Mrs. Inchbald: Including Her Familiar Correspondence With The Most Distinguished Persons of Her Time. To Which Are Added The Massacre, and A Case of Conscience; Now First Published From Her Autograph Copies. Edited by James Boaden, Esq. In Two Volumes. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1833
Publisher Northanger Abbey. Persuasion. By Jane Austen. Austen, Jane 1833
Publisher Pride and Prejudice. A Novel. By Jane Austen, author of "Sense and Sensibility," "Mansfield Park," &c. Austen, Jane 1833
Publisher Recollections of A Chaperon. Edited By Lady Dacre. In Three Volumes. Sullivan, Arabella Jane 1833
Publisher Sense and Sensibility: A Novel. By Jane Austen. Austen, Jane 1833
Publisher The Buccaneer: A Romance. By the author of "Sketches of Irish Character." New Edition. In Three Volumes Hall, Anna Maria 1833
Publisher The East India Sketch-Book. By A Lady. Second Series. In Two Volumes. Smith, Elizabeth Bruce Elton 1833
Publisher The New Road to Ruin. A Novel. By Lady Stepney. In Three Volumes. Stepney, Catherine Manners 1833
Publisher The Posthumous Works of Anne Radcliffe, Authoress of The Mysteries of Udolpho, &c. Comprising Gaston De Blondeville, A Romance; St. Alban's Abbey, a Metrical Tale, with various poetical pieces. To which is prefixed a memoir of the authoress, with extracts from her private journals. In four volumes. Radcliffe, Ann 1833
Publisher The Sketch Book of Fashion. By the Author of “Mothers and Daughters.” In Three Volumes. Gore, Catherine Grace Frances 1833
Publisher Trevelyan. by the author of "A Marriage in High Life". Scott, Caroline Lucy 1833
Publisher Canterbury Tales. By Sophia and Harriet Lee. Revised, Corrected, and Illustrated with a New Preface, by Harriet Lee. In Two Volumes. Lee, Harriet 1834
Publisher Francesca Carrara. By the author of Romance and Reality. Landon, Letitia Elizabeth 1834
Publisher Helen, A Tale. By Maria Edgeworth. In Three Volumes. Edgeworth, Maria 1834
Publisher Our Town; Or, Rough Sketches of Character, Manners, &C. By Peregrine Reedpen. In Two Volumes. C. F. Adderley [Mrs. Fitzatherley] 1834
Publisher The Captives in India. A Tale; and, A Widow and a Will. By Mrs. Hofland. In Three Volumes. Hofland, Barbara 1834
Publisher The Disinherited; and, The Ensnared. By the Authoress of "Flirtation." In Three Volumes. Bury, Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell 1834
Publisher The Poetical Works of Anne Radcliffe. St. Alban's Abbey, a Metrical Romance; with Other Poems. By Anne Radcliffe, authoress of "the Mysteries of Udolpho," "Romance of the Forest," &c. Radcliffe, Ann 1834

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