ID 2585
Name John Lewis [Paternoster Row]
Gender Male
Street Address Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date 1750
End Date 1755
Sources British Book Trade Index 42551
Related Firms John Lewis [Bartholomew Close]


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller A brief account of the gracious dealings of God, with a poor, sinful, unworthy creature, in three parts. Relating to Part I. The Work of Divine Grace on the Heart, in a Saving Conversion to Christ, and to some Establishment in Him. Part II. A Train of Special Providences attending Life, by which the Work of Faith was carried on with Power. Part III. Some particular Experiences of the Lord's Goodness in bringing out several little Tracts, to the Furtherance and Joy of Faith. With an appendix. And a letter prefixed, on the lawfulness of a woman's appearing in print. By A.D. Dutton , Anne (Author)
Bookseller Alexander the corrector's humble address and earnest application to our most gracious King, the Right Honourable the House of Lords, and the Honourable House of Commons; shewing the necessity of appointing a corrector of the people, or taking some effectual measures for a speedy and a thorow Reformation; and that this important affair requires the serious and immediate consideration and vigorous and effectual resolution of his Majesty and both Houses of Parliament. With some account of Alexander the corrector the Author of the much esteemed Concordance of the Bible; and an Account of the Prophesies of some pious Ministers of the Gospel, foretelling that Alexander's Afflictions are designed by Divine Providence to be an Introduction and Preparation to his being a Joseph and an useful prosperous Man. Cruden , Alexander (Author)
Dodd II , Anne (Bookseller)
Bookseller The adventures of Alexander the corrector. The third part. Giving an account of his wonderful escape from an academy at Bethnal-Green by cutting with a knife the bedstead to which he was chained: and of the dissolution of the pretended Court of the Blind-Bench in the Poultry, and their designs against the corrector. And an account of his application at St. James's palace for the honour of knight-hood, and his conduct at Guildhall as a candidate for one of the representatives in Parliament of this great metropolis. With an account of his law-adventures while he acted the part of a counsellor in the King's-Bench in Westminster-hall. To which is added a history of his love-adventures, with his letters and a declaration of war sent to the amiable Mrs. Whitaker, a lady of a shining character and of great revenues. Interspersed with various religious reflexions, shewing the necessity of appointing a corrector of the people, or of taking some effectual measures for a speedy and thorow reformation. Cruden , Alexander (Author)
Dodd II , Anne (Bookseller)

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